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Combat Liberalism

Group Maintained by scarletghoul

A group for those who see the need to combat liberal sentiment and thought that is all too common among leftists, and plagues RevLeft.

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combatting liberalism with the invincible thoughts of Prairie Fire
From scarletghoul

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by TheGodlessUtopian
7th August 2012 01:04
Combat Liberalism (Study Guide) Made it myself. If you...
7th August 2012 01:04
by TheGodlessUtopian Go to last post
by Yuppie Grinder
1st June 2012 07:18
We need a new image for this group.
The little tank is a poor choice. I think everyone here can agree that the Deng-era Chinese...
19th July 2012 19:11
by Positivist Go to last post
21st September 2009 08:39
Why is Pol Pot the image for this group?
As someone who has two giant Mao posters in his room and one Stalin and a Lenin, Pol Pot sucks.
31st January 2012 21:50
by ColonelCossack Go to last post
Dossier of Liberalism (Users With Liberal Sentiments)
Known users (Non-Restricted) with Liberal attitudes belong here... ...
23rd July 2011 20:47
by scarletghoul Go to last post
by Plagueround
18th August 2009 05:50
At first...
...I may seem like an unlikely member to be joining this group. But I've been converted/driven here...
24th May 2011 12:27
by Imposter Marxist Go to last post
by The Red Next Door
29th June 2010 06:59
How to deal with them?
7th April 2011 13:18
by Ztrain Go to last post
by Mr. Contradiction
12th February 2011 01:46
Another new anti-liberal
Greetings all, I have for some time now tried to rationalize away my support for such horrible...
22nd February 2011 02:32
by scarletghoul Go to last post
by Rusty Shackleford
9th February 2011 05:38
Open Letter to Liberals
9th February 2011 05:38
by Rusty Shackleford Go to last post
by The Red Next Door
13th August 2010 18:45
A list of imperialist loving Government liberals who called themselves anarchists
We need a list of people who are fake ass leftist liberals. so we can report them. for their...
26th December 2010 00:17
by Amphictyonis Go to last post
by scarletghoul
12th August 2009 13:19
Report Liberalism!
Any threads or posts that contain liberalism should be reported here, so that we can all go and...
20th November 2010 11:49
by Wanted Man Go to last post
by scarletghoul
4th December 2009 07:25
New picture ?
Suggest new pics and approve of any suggestions in this thread. Pic with the most approval will be...
11th November 2010 02:45
by Tomhet Go to last post
by scarletghoul
14th August 2010 11:34
Liberalism and Anarchism, how are they related ?
There seem to be varying views on this. Some people seem to think Anarchism is itself a type of...
14th August 2010 12:04
by Red Jihad Go to last post
by bailey_187
16th July 2010 16:16
Have we combated?
It is about a year since this group was made. Has there been a noticable decline of Liberals?
23rd July 2010 13:36
by scarletghoul Go to last post
by khad
26th April 2010 15:31
Combatting liberalism (Open letter to TYT) A fucking travesty of journalism
26th April 2010 15:31
by khad Go to last post
by khad
2nd April 2010 15:09
Sexpat liberal
You know what to do....
14th April 2010 23:19
by scarletghoul Go to last post
by GracchusBabeuf
8th April 2010 23:54
Debating liberals
Suggest some good points to debate liberalism.
8th April 2010 23:54
by GracchusBabeuf Go to last post
by Chambered Word
21st March 2010 13:09
The fight against liberalism
How's it going so far?
21st March 2010 13:09
by Chambered Word Go to last post
by Prairie Fire
11th August 2009 22:21
Practical programme of combatting liberalism on Revleft
Okay, Comrades Me, I'm not one for idle chit chat. That may seem like a paradox, as I post on...
8th January 2010 11:51
by ComradeRed22'91 Go to last post
by GracchusBabeuf
23rd November 2009 02:06
Oppose mass murdering ideologies
Comrades, all communists must oppose the vicious anti-working class ideologies of anarchism and...
11th December 2009 02:21
by GracchusBabeuf Go to last post
by Luisrah
2nd November 2009 22:59
More explanation
Can someone elaborate MORE on this group's stance on fighting against liberalism? This probably...
5th November 2009 23:40
by Luisrah Go to last post
by scarletghoul
3rd November 2009 16:55
It seems there's a few members of this group who do not belong in it. Do you guys have any...
5th November 2009 10:39
by Luisrah Go to last post
by scarletghoul
3rd November 2009 22:47
Our Approach
Let's discuss our approach here. A lot of people are just insulting people and calling them...
4th November 2009 02:23
by Nwoye Go to last post
by spiltteeth
20th October 2009 05:25
To those who oppose Indian Maoists.
21st October 2009 01:29
by DecDoom Go to last post
by scarletghoul
9th August 2009 23:31
Manifestations of liberalism among leftists
What examples of liberalism can we see among leftists? It's cool to point these out so that we know...
30th August 2009 18:56
by NecroCommie Go to last post
by Prairie Fire
27th August 2009 18:47
Revlefter needs help
Revleft poster darreljon needs help defeating some brain dead Russian monarchists and an American...
27th August 2009 18:47
by Prairie Fire Go to last post
by BobKKKindle$
18th August 2009 14:38
An administrative note
I've changed the settings of this group so that members have to be admitted by the group moderator...
22nd August 2009 11:27
by Pirate turtle the 11th Go to last post
by Prairie Fire
9th August 2009 01:37
Smash liberalism! Discussion #1
Okay, well, sorry to rattle the cage right off of the bat, but I think that obvious question is,...
20th August 2009 22:28
by Lenin II Go to last post
by Prairie Fire
9th August 2009 18:35
Smash Liberalism! Discussion #2: Law enforcement worship On the Arrest of...
9th August 2009 23:11
by scarletghoul Go to last post

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