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Group Maintained by LeninBalls

A group for smokers to discuss the badassery and joy of smoking tobacco.

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by ñángara
23rd March 2015 17:36
Marxist Smokers | Frank Davis
These days it seems that it is the left which champions smoking bans. I thought I’d see if I could...
23rd March 2015 17:36
by ñángara Go to last post
by LeninBalls
12th August 2009 12:06
Why you started smoking?
I was drunk and randomly bought a pack of Camels and smoked them with my girlfriend, when I sobered...
7th November 2014 14:25
by Brutus Go to last post
by Cosmonaut
3rd October 2014 11:04
Smoking supports capitalism
I see all of you in here saying how much smoking is awesome. It is literally killing you a little...
5th November 2014 19:29
by DDR Agrarian Go to last post
by The pizza crazed Anarchist
7th August 2009 03:13
Pipe Smoking
I have tried cigarettes and I never like them but I really like tobacco pipe smoking and it is the...
23rd May 2013 16:41
by Dropdead Go to last post
by mosfeld
5th August 2009 12:28
Favorite brand?
30th April 2013 22:13
by Dropdead Go to last post
Bitter Ashes
9th February 2010 14:15
The gift econonomy of cigarettes
This is something I never really considered before a few months ago, but seems pretty obvious now,...
11th January 2013 03:15
Bitter Ashes Go to last post
13th August 2009 21:09
Smoking Tricks
Which ones can you do? I can only do the snap inhale.
11th January 2013 03:05
mosfeld Go to last post
by Bitter Ashes
15th January 2010 00:17
Neat little trick to pack all your cigs at once
Especially with cheaper pre-rolled cigarettes, the tobacco's often not packed very well and you...
26th April 2012 14:27
by Leftsolidarity Go to last post
by Dogs On Acid
3rd August 2011 22:36
Coughing up some yellow shit
Looks like Phlegm Is this normal? ...
23rd August 2011 10:26
by KevlarPants Go to last post
by Dogs On Acid
1st July 2011 08:06
What are you smoking? SG Mentol They're like breathing in...
8th July 2011 20:31
by Hebrew Hammer Go to last post
by Bad Grrrl Agro
23rd September 2010 04:59
Am I still a smoker...
... If I've been phasing out of tobacco for weed?
21st May 2011 07:28
by Johnny Kerosene Go to last post
by RedZelenka
28th November 2010 12:41
Smoking, Another Reason I Despise the Nanny Lib-Left
I can not stand the interventionist/nanny-liberal left for many, many reasons. They may as well be...
28th November 2010 12:41
by RedZelenka Go to last post
by LeninBalls
1st November 2009 17:18
Smoking + asthma
Does smoking alleviate asthma? I've been diagnosed with it recently, but it's not that bad. I...
10th November 2010 07:37
by Jack Go to last post
by Angry Young Man
16th June 2010 13:27
Counter to health warning stickers
I remember being shown a packet of stickers that you put over the health warning. They said things...
6th August 2010 00:21
by Rusty Shackleford Go to last post
by OneNamedNameLess
19th August 2009 11:32
Stopping Smoking
I have cut down recently to one or two a day and some days I don't smoke at all. I'm starting to...
9th April 2010 01:37
by Tifosi Go to last post
by Bitter Ashes
15th January 2010 00:12
Rolling your own cigarettes
Heyas. I thought I might write a little guide on how to roll your own, for the smokers out there. ...
22nd March 2010 19:35
by Audeamus Go to last post
by Fly Pan Dulce
25th August 2009 04:54
Smelling like cigarette smoke
I really hate it when some non-smoking snob criticizes the fact that I smell like smoke. What can...
12th October 2009 04:39
by Bad Grrrl Agro Go to last post

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