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Guevarism holds the belief that Armed Struggle can trigger a Revolution wherever a Government doesn't have the favour of its Citizens.

Guevarism believes that the focoism principle of vanguardism by cadres of small, fast-moving paramilitary groups can provide a focus for popular discontent against a sitting regime, and thereby lead a general insurrection.

Ernesto Guevara did not count on a Leninist insurrection based on cities as had happened during the 1917 October Revolution, but on a popular uprisings which would gain strength in rural areas and would overtopple the regime: the vanguard guerrilla was supposed to bolster the population's morale, not to take control of the state apparatus by itself, without any exterior help.

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From Brutus
che in Bolivia
From Brutus
ernesto che guevara In Bolivia with a peasant
From Brutus
Che and Almeida
From Brutus
When captured in Bolivia
From Brutus

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by The Scorpion
28th November 2010 00:11
Pick up armsthe
the time is now
21st July 2014 13:48
by Zoroaster Go to last post
by prop
14th August 2012 01:13
New discussion forum
TOWARDS A NEW DAWN ( is a magazine which vows to deliver news, views...
14th August 2012 01:13
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by Brosa Luxemburg
9th March 2012 19:26
Che Was Not A Stalinist...
Che Guevara was not a Stalinist. To claim Che was a Stalinist is to look over some very compelling...
23rd April 2012 18:46
by The Hong Se Sun Go to last post
by RedRise
6th October 2009 08:49
Che - the movie
Has anybody seen the movie Che which is just showing in cinemas? I saw part one the other day and...
28th February 2012 14:55
by Bolshevik_Guerilla_1917 Go to last post
by The Hong Se Sun
12th October 2009 18:23
Guevarist it is time to be recognized.
I'm kind of sick of people looking at me crazy when I say I am a Guevarist. We need to start a...
28th November 2010 00:09
by The Scorpion Go to last post
by Comrade_Stalin
14th February 2010 04:33
Che view of other communist leaders
I would like to know what was Che view on other communist leaders before him, like Stalin, Mao,...
28th November 2010 00:01
by The Scorpion Go to last post
by freedon
27th April 2010 18:33
Che and natural healing
Che studied medicine and was a doctor or medic in the field. He was also plagued by asthma in...
27th April 2010 18:33
by freedon Go to last post

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