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by TheFox
15th July 2014 19:37
A question
As a male, I have noticed that some feminists seem to hate males. Can someone explain to me why...
13th October 2014 21:34
by Manoir de mes reves Go to last post
6th April 2009 07:32
I just wanted to applaud the zapatista's for being one of the only revolutionary groups that cares...
9th July 2014 01:25
by Zoroaster Go to last post
by Igualdade
8th April 2009 02:06
Sex positive VS sex negative feminism
Where do you stand, and why?
8th June 2014 19:00
by Monkey Queen Go to last post
by apathy maybe
7th May 2008 12:04
What is feminism? What is it not?
Well, seeing as there is a new forum automatically created, I've decided to make a new thread in...
2nd June 2014 08:23
by Emancipated Spirit Go to last post
by earth fuck
29th April 2010 05:47
Bechdel's Law
Bechdel's Law Alison Bechdel, cartoonist and author of Dykes to Watch Out For, has an...
2nd June 2014 08:21
by Emancipated Spirit Go to last post
by Queercommie Girl
11th August 2010 11:13
Feminism and Transgenderism
Hi just a question. Would the feminists here, particularly female feminists, consider a trans-girl...
14th April 2014 03:19
by Bad Grrrl Agro Go to last post
by Landsharks eat metal
10th January 2012 19:34
Could somebody help me with this?
I'm a trans man, and I always feel uncomfortable with discussions of feminism. I always feel like...
11th September 2012 14:50
by Jesus Saves Gretzky Scores Go to last post
by Krano
28th December 2011 13:40
Failure of Feminism
18th July 2012 16:50
by individualist Go to last post
by Azula
18th August 2011 18:47
Hate crime laws (inclusion of women)
Have already posted it in the OI. What do you think? One thing which has been bothering me....
18th August 2011 18:47
by Azula Go to last post
by johncarew
25th June 2011 04:47
Trouble understanding the term 'Sexual Objectification'
Hi, I am new to feminism. I've started reading Greer's 'the whole woman' and I've run into...
14th July 2011 22:14
by Manoir de mes reves Go to last post
by DiaMat86
13th June 2011 03:59
Anti-sexist communist video
Progressive Labor Party Presents: Winning the Fight Against Sexism: A Communist Perspective...
19th June 2011 02:09
by Catmatic Leftist Go to last post
by RedSunRising
2nd May 2011 21:22
Direct actions against the so-called "Sex industry"?
I was told by someone a while back against a bombing campaign by either anarchist or autonomist...
2nd May 2011 21:22
by RedSunRising Go to last post
by Bad Grrrl Agro
24th May 2008 03:42
Book Recommendations
I'm wondering if anyone here can help me in getting ahold of the right reading material about...
2nd May 2011 21:16
by RedSunRising Go to last post
by Rosa Provokateur
13th April 2009 14:05
Feminism and Homophobia
I heard somebody say if there was no sexism there'd be no homophobia. What's the connection between...
15th May 2010 05:39
by SammXVX Go to last post
by Tower of Bebel
18th April 2009 21:08
"Women at war face sexual violence"
Women at war face sexual violence ...
26th April 2010 03:27
by Salabra Go to last post
by ManyAntsDefeatSpiders
16th May 2008 13:35
Feminist Propaganda
Post your feminist propaganda here! They can be serious images, humorous pictures, whatever! :)...
18th February 2010 15:00
by Girl A Go to last post
by Tower of Bebel
27th September 2008 19:56
Men's Feminism: The Recovery of August Bebel
The Recovery of August Bebel - by Soma Marik "Men's Feminism: August Bebel and the German...
2nd January 2010 22:23
by samofshs Go to last post
by The Essence Of Flame Is The Essence Of Change
28th December 2009 23:12
So many different types of feminism, so many wings.Where do I belong?
Ok, well studying some stuff on feminism I'm once again (had that with socialism as a whole too:D)...
29th December 2009 16:28
by Tower of Bebel Go to last post
by TC
28th October 2009 16:17
Quitting this group in protest of GeneCosta's membership
I"m quitting this group in protest of GeneCosta's membership in it. I'll rejoin if he's expelled.
8th November 2009 03:24
by gorillafuck Go to last post
by Tower of Bebel
24th August 2009 21:09
Marxism and women's issues
Marxism & Women's Issues (from Red Left Review) The emancipation of women has long been...
24th August 2009 21:09
by Tower of Bebel Go to last post
by Tower of Bebel
24th August 2009 20:33
Stonehenge and the Neolithic counter-revolution
This article was written by the Lionel Sims of the Radical Anthropology Group and was published in...
24th August 2009 20:33
by Tower of Bebel Go to last post
by Black Dagger
25th February 2009 02:13
Don't patronise ladies who raunch - Nina Funnell
The following is an opinion piece which recently appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, a popular...
22nd June 2009 04:19
by amoureuse Go to last post
by KurtFF8
28th May 2009 22:23
What Is Socialist Feminism?
Source by Barbara Ehrenreich This article, which first appeared in WIN magazine on June 3,...
28th May 2009 22:23
by KurtFF8 Go to last post
by Manoir de mes reves
23rd October 2008 07:03
Book Recommendations (Updated)
The purpose of this thread is to provide an easy-to-access list of reading material surrounding...
26th May 2009 05:24
by Manoir de mes reves Go to last post
by Sasha
24th November 2008 14:51
bannerdesign for feminist action... feed back?
made this design today for the counter demo at an pro-life march next month, i was wondering what...
13th April 2009 14:14
by Rosa Provokateur Go to last post
by KurtFF8
7th April 2009 04:57
Women Lead Revolutionary Struggle in India
This is a little old, but I think it is relevant for this group. This Red Star article was...
8th April 2009 23:36
by KurtFF8 Go to last post
by Tower of Bebel
13th June 2008 17:07
Socialism and liberation of women
Will socialism immediatly liberate women of oppression? Or will it only gradually liberate women,...
8th April 2009 03:23
by KurtFF8 Go to last post
by Rascolnikova
15th November 2008 09:04
Feminist parenting
What are everyone's thoughts on good feminist approaches to parenting--both under the current...
28th November 2008 16:48
by AugustWest Go to last post
by Red Anarchist of Love
17th September 2008 01:29
why is this group called feminists if it see's both sexes as equal why not gender equality or...
15th November 2008 09:10
by Rascolnikova Go to last post
by KrazyRabidSheep
30th August 2008 04:03
"McCain's Sexist VP Pick" ...
6th November 2008 07:02
by Foldered Go to last post

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