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Social Group Discussions in: Non-Doctrinaire Communist
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by Martin Blank
8th April 2009 00:18
Non-Doctrinaire Communist Credo
We are the non-doctrinaire communists; We are the heterodox and heretical, but also the most...
13th May 2015 21:24
by Guardia Rossa Go to last post
by Ilyich
12th August 2011 00:57
Non-Doctrinaire Communist Parties
I am a member of the Socialist Party, USA, which describes itself as 'multi-tendency.' Does that...
30th April 2014 23:16
by AnaRchic Go to last post
by RedZelenka
28th November 2010 13:46
I am a non-doctrinaire communist currently in an opportunistic relationship with a Revolutionary...
13th November 2013 18:35
by Unumundisto Go to last post
by Martin Blank
8th April 2009 00:18
About this Group
This group is for communists who do not subscribe to a particular doctrine or "ism". If you are a...
24th November 2012 01:39
by TheOther Go to last post
by Workers-Control-Over-Prod
16th March 2012 07:28
Marxism vs. Anarchism
I would like to clear up the ideals between Marxist-Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists other...
16th March 2012 07:28
by Workers-Control-Over-Prod Go to last post
by Struggle
8th April 2011 16:44
Non-Doctrinaire Communist blog
I am starting up a Non-Doctrine Communist blog. If anybody is serious enough and can find the...
17th April 2011 21:56
by Dumb Go to last post
by the last donut of the night
27th August 2009 01:12
Democratic Centralism
What are the main criticisms on this theory? I know Left Communists and Libertarian Marxists are...
29th November 2010 02:06
by RedZelenka Go to last post
by ZeroNowhere
17th June 2009 11:59
On 'I am not a Marxist' quote.
While it has been abused by Rubel and such for ages, all it was was Marx distancing himself from a...
14th October 2010 21:41
by neosyndic Go to last post
by LibertyOrMartyrdom
13th September 2010 23:58
Isms n' such.
Hello Comrades, I am also a member of the Trotskyist group, I would like to explain why... I admire...
15th September 2010 02:15
by Kuppo Shakur Go to last post
by ContrarianLemming
21st June 2010 06:18
Howdy. So, I'll be out with it right away, I completely agree with damn near everything the...
21st June 2010 06:18
by ContrarianLemming Go to last post
by anticap
25th June 2009 00:19
Most people seem to belong to a group, so I went looking for one to join, and this seems the most...
9th January 2010 13:28
by BeerShaman Go to last post
by Floyce White
25th December 2009 23:17
After so long, why did I join a group?
Comrades, Most of you know me as a stubborn type who starts few threads, but picks and chooses...
28th December 2009 03:06
by CornetJoyce Go to last post

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