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by Holden Caulfield
14th September 2008 16:24
which affiliation is yours
im CWI
16th November 2015 15:34
by OnFire Go to last post
by LeninistIthink
29th August 2015 17:34
Trotskyist international quiz
I'm making a small quiz, like those personality quizzes , which will be a fun little way to see...
29th August 2015 17:34
by LeninistIthink Go to last post
by Tower of Bebel
15th August 2013 13:15
On the political Backwardness of the American Workers
Hi all, Two questions: 1. Does anyone know where to find Trotsky's "On the (political)...
6th July 2015 15:10
by LeninistIthink Go to last post
by LeninistIthink
6th July 2015 12:51
Guerilla tactics and trotksyism?
What are your guys views about the tactic of guerilla fighting, is it naturally anti marxist or can...
6th July 2015 12:51
by LeninistIthink Go to last post
by Q-collective
20th October 2008 18:49
The dust inhere is gathering.
6th July 2015 09:27
by LeninistIthink Go to last post
by Q
18th November 2009 07:54
I thought it would be a nice idea to have a chat channel for Trotskyists and sympathisers. So... ...
6th July 2015 09:20
by LeninistIthink Go to last post
by AK
8th May 2010 01:25
As soon as you leave... sure to join the Ex-Trots. And that marks the end of my stay in the Trotskyist tendency.
6th July 2015 09:00
by LeninistIthink Go to last post
by Magic Snowman
2nd May 2009 08:06
Was there a split in the SPEW?
I know that Chris Brennan left, but did he take people with him?
3rd July 2015 12:40
by LeninistIthink Go to last post
by Zalthulu
28th March 2015 06:53
New to Trotskyism
Hello, comrades! As an Anarchist turning Trotskyist, I have a few questions about the basis of...
28th March 2015 06:53
by Zalthulu Go to last post
by Anglo-Saxon Philistine
29th March 2014 19:46
"World Prospect for Socialism" (SLL, 1961)
Does anyone know where I might find "World Prospect for Socialism", the document of the British...
5th January 2015 23:43
by Kassad Go to last post
by Lyev
16th November 2009 23:31
How did you guys arrive at Trotsky?
I was just wondering how everyone here arrived at the logical conclusion, if you like, of...
14th July 2014 00:02
by Zoroaster Go to last post
by boiler
18th March 2014 00:13
CWI and IMT?
What are the main differences between the CWI and IMT?
8th May 2014 00:39
by VivalaCuarta Go to last post
by red flag over teeside
27th November 2013 23:20
Max Shachtman
I was wondering whether there is a current political organisation which takes as it's inspiration...
17th March 2014 15:36
by Anglo-Saxon Philistine Go to last post
by Celtic_0ne
24th October 2013 19:39
Tony Cliff
Hi I was wondering if you guys can recommend any Tony Cliff books I am currently reading Trotskyism...
24th February 2014 16:26
by Bomber Go to last post
by boiler
10th December 2013 02:04
Writings against Socialism in One Country
Can anyone help me out here please? I'm looking for writings by Trotsky and Trotskyists on...
9th February 2014 22:40
by boiler Go to last post
by Tower of Bebel
17th December 2013 21:12
Platform: the real situation in Russia
Hi, Does anyone of you know where I could find a copy of "The real situation in Russia"...
17th December 2013 21:12
by Tower of Bebel Go to last post
by Grenzer
8th September 2012 20:46
James Cannon recommended works
Hopefully you all know who James Cannon is, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend any of...
9th October 2013 15:27
by Celtic_0ne Go to last post
by Ilyich
11th August 2012 19:48
Why Did the Soviet Union Collapse?
This question has been on my mind for a long time. I still don't have a fully formed opinion but I...
8th September 2013 15:54
by HumanRightsGuy Go to last post
by YugoslavSocialist
6th January 2013 23:23
Economic System
What economic system do Trotskyists support? because I personally support and Decentralized...
20th July 2013 06:05
by Geiseric Go to last post
by feeLtheLove
9th February 2013 18:41
What book should is start with?
What book should i start with that covers the basics and everything to Trotskyism. I have already...
9th March 2013 20:23
by Geiseric Go to last post
by Labor Aristocrat Killer
7th March 2013 04:32
Trotsky on the Labor Aristocracy.
I found these quotes from Old Man Trotsky on the Labor Aristocracy. What think you guys on this...
7th March 2013 04:32
by Labor Aristocrat Killer Go to last post
by Ostrinski
17th November 2012 00:09
Those who believe in DWS
Was Democratic Kampuchea a deformed workers state?
5th March 2013 09:07
by Anglo-Saxon Philistine Go to last post
by TheGodlessUtopian
19th February 2013 02:04
Trotskyism (Study Guide)
Here is a study guide I cobbled together for Trotskyism. Check it out and comment if you see any...
23rd February 2013 07:42
by Aurora Go to last post
by feeLtheLove
5th February 2013 02:06
Hey! I'm new!
Hey fellow Trots of Revelft!! I'm new!!:D
6th February 2013 00:01
by Goblin Go to last post
by TheTrotskyist☭
27th December 2012 08:28
Fuck Stalin
That is all
5th February 2013 02:05
by feeLtheLove Go to last post
by Brutus
24th January 2013 17:21
Writers required.
Would any of my fellow trots be interested in writing for
24th January 2013 17:21
by Brutus Go to last post
by Ostrinski
8th September 2012 19:57
What other Bolsheviks do Trotskyists like other than Lenin and Trotsky?
All in the subject.
6th January 2013 21:29
by Geiseric Go to last post
by Unclebananahead
13th November 2012 12:10
Trotskyism Vs. Stalinism in the third world
To what degree is Trotskyism present in the third world? Many Stalin-oid parties assert that...
14th December 2012 15:13
by Gabriel Tolstoy Go to last post
by Ilyich
24th November 2012 19:25
What exactly is Pabloism?
I know Michel Raptis Pablo was a secretary of the Fourth International who suggested that certain...
10th December 2012 20:49
by Lev Bronsteinovich Go to last post
by Solidarity
13th September 2012 01:59
Information on the Vanguard Pary
Can someone give me some of Trotsky's writings on the Vanguard party? And if Marx and Engels...
20th September 2012 07:54
by Geiseric Go to last post

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