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Social Group

Youth Rights

Group Maintained by TheGodlessUtopian

A group for all who oppose Ageism, and discrimination of youth, and advocate for the advancement of youth in society.

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by marxistcritic
14th May 2009 00:06
Ageism throughout history
We are here to stop ageism. How do we combat something that we do not know the history of?? We must...
5th March 2015 01:15
by mushroompizza Go to last post
by Bitter Ashes
5th June 2009 13:36
Young people drinking to escape? Patients as young as still in thier 20's are...
28th February 2015 13:26
by mushroompizza Go to last post
by TheTrotskyist☭
27th December 2012 07:19
School is like a totalitarian dictatorship.
I was talking to a friend of mine (a teacher), when this subject came up. I told her that school...
8th October 2014 20:14
by Zoroaster Go to last post
by Cosmonaut
4th September 2014 01:17
I hate adults.
This might be ageist itself, but I hate adults. They think that they are superior to us in ever...
4th September 2014 19:23
by Cosmonaut Go to last post
by RotStern
12th September 2009 02:24
The right to tell to piss off.
I would very much like this liberation. :) Ahhhh fuck title messed up. It was meant to be. The...
4th September 2014 14:53
by TheGodlessUtopian Go to last post
by marxistcritic
10th May 2009 22:33
Marx on Ageism
What did Marx say about ageism? In the Communist Manifesto, although he does not use the word...
4th September 2014 01:04
by Cosmonaut Go to last post
by YouthLiberation
1st March 2013 11:57
The many expressions of Ageism
Let's make a list of the countless expressions of Ageism in our society, so we have something to...
19th June 2014 09:00
by TheDoctor1996 Go to last post
by RedRise
29th July 2009 10:20
what sucks about being a miner
Have you ever had your heart set on doing something wild and courageous and then your parents (or...
19th June 2014 08:50
by TheDoctor1996 Go to last post
by Dust Bunnies
9th April 2009 16:40
Causes of Ageism?
What would be the cause of ageism? To be honest it may be the impression some young people give...
4th June 2014 13:10
by RedRev Go to last post
by TheWannabeAnarchist
5th June 2013 05:52
Ageism: the scourge of progress
Our society is one that has increasingly turned to the widespread dehumanization and discrimination...
23rd September 2013 04:47
by Red_Banner Go to last post
by YouthLiberation
28th February 2013 15:23
The nuclear family
What are your views on the nuclear family? How does it affect the cause of Youth Rights?
1st March 2013 07:51
by YouthLiberation Go to last post
by TheGodlessUtopian
27th February 2013 23:53
Youth and the Workforce: Ageism (Anti-Youth) and the Movement
There are many examples of anti-youth activity among the wider segments of the working class.These...
28th February 2013 10:50
by YouthLiberation Go to last post
by Agnapostate
29th July 2009 01:44
Youth Rights Groups
Is anyone here a member of a youth rights group? I'm a member of Americans for a Society Free from...
11th December 2012 19:23
by TheGodlessUtopian Go to last post
by Misanthrope
29th June 2009 15:15
An experience I had
So, I'm fourteen years old. Most of my friends have drug "troubles" and their parents are very...
20th April 2010 22:05
by samofshs Go to last post
by marxistcritic
14th May 2009 00:04
How to combat ageism
How do we destroy the evil that is ageism? Let us discuss that here.
25th August 2009 15:41
by Sarah Palin Go to last post
by Agnapostate
5th August 2009 17:26
I started this thread, in case anyone wanted to comment on it. As I said there, it would be...
5th August 2009 17:26
by Agnapostate Go to last post

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