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Group Maintained by TheGodlessUtopian

Gay, lesbian, bi, transsexual, transgender, transvestite, intersex, genderqueer, hermaphrodite, androgyne, nullo, asexual, pansexual, sissy, 'mo, dyke, mahu, butch, femme, light in the loafers, homosexual, invert, faggot, sodomite, homophile, homogenitalist, sapphist, tribade, confricatrice, rubster, Daughter of Bilitis, confirmed bachelor, molly, tommy, similsexualist, urningtum, queen, king, third gender, third sex, friend of Dorothy, hijra, bean flicker, donut puncher, Mary, todger dodger, Player of The Game of Flats, lezbo, lezzie, lezzer, backgammon player, bender, batty boy, twink, bear, Morrissey, h-heteroflexible (ugh), chi chi man, fairy, flit, голубй, gentleman of the back door, harry hoofter, nancy, turner, ginger beer, warmer bruder, camionneuse, cola-velcro, gacha bucha, tng zh, gēi-lu, comrade. ***NO METROSEXUALS***

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Judy Garland is my fucking idol!!!
From Bad Grrrl Agro
Marsha P. Johnson
From Bad Grrrl Agro
Sylvia Rivera
From Bad Grrrl Agro
From Janine Melnitz
From Janine Melnitz

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by Module
27th May 2009 15:35
If homosexuality could be 'cured' ...
This paragraph in the previous thread got me thinking ... Following such logic, homosexuality can...
30th August 2015 04:23
by kiya Go to last post
by Slippers
10th April 2013 23:06
I'm trans... I think. MTF. I've dealt with feelings that I've wanted to be a woman for as long as I...
13th June 2014 10:28
by anarcholilithism Go to last post
by Niall
14th November 2011 16:24
Im not gay but I love to crossdress. Anyone else?
8th May 2014 22:11
by Lanfear Go to last post
by Tolstoy
3rd June 2013 02:58
Homosexual Rape
I know this isnt something commonly discussed and the stereotype is that all rape is man on woman,...
30th April 2014 16:23
by Iakovsko Go to last post
by Property Is Robbery
6th November 2010 12:02
Any Anarcho-Queers?
I love you :)
23rd March 2014 21:47
by CommunistMetalhead Go to last post
by Patchd
10th April 2009 08:19
Queer females?
Just wondering if there are any queer female comrades in this group?
11th August 2013 11:16
by Salabra Go to last post
by Yet_Another_Boring_Marxist
2nd November 2012 17:16
Where are my asexual comrades at?
And that includes people who have Male/female Libido Deficiency disorder like myself/
30th March 2013 22:37
by slum Go to last post
by Jesus Saves Gretzky Scores
3rd February 2013 06:20
I've been interested in gender and that sort of thing lately, and I was reading specifically about...
4th February 2013 21:36
by Jesus Saves Gretzky Scores Go to last post
by TheGodlessUtopian
23rd January 2013 13:12
Queer Re-groupment on Kasama
In case you didn't know the Kasama Project has a fancy new website that is all the rage. While you...
23rd January 2013 13:12
by TheGodlessUtopian Go to last post
by TheGodlessUtopian
19th January 2013 19:06
Group Mod Actions
Deleted a couple of discussions which were both very old and no longer were relevant and removed a...
21st January 2013 13:54
by TheGodlessUtopian Go to last post
by Avanti
19th November 2012 19:09
to bisexuals
i wonder if you like me feel like two different persons when you have sex with a man and a woman. ...
30th November 2012 06:58
by Yuppie Grinder Go to last post
by Teddyjer Ilyich Otterman
14th August 2012 02:08
Come out, come out, wherever you are...
I'm just wondering why this group seems to have died out. I think that, as queer people and...
18th November 2012 12:22
by Avanti Go to last post
by Mista Commie
16th June 2012 03:29
I am questioning my sexuality. I feel like I may be a bi, but I do not want to jump into things, so...
21st July 2012 17:09
by Zannarchy Go to last post
by Василиса Прекра
29th May 2012 22:44
Help Regarding Transsexuality
I don't really know where to post this, so I'll try here. I'm beginning to think I'm a transgender...
31st May 2012 16:45
by Red Rabbit Go to last post
by ed miliband
30th September 2010 17:41
perhaps a silly question...
could one engage almost entirely in heterosexual relationships but still identify as queer? ...
30th April 2012 23:25
by Red Rabbit Go to last post
by El Oso Rojo
12th March 2012 19:23
Are there any bears on revleft?
17th April 2012 02:39
by Василиса Прекра Go to last post
by Huey P. Newton1233
15th November 2011 13:59
My experience in Homophobia (I'm Bisexual)
today in school we presented our third party projects I supported a democratic socialist agenda,...
28th November 2011 17:47
by Azraella Go to last post
by Bad Grrrl Agro
24th February 2009 23:26
I'm queer
16th November 2011 13:32
by Huey P. Newton1233 Go to last post
by Salabra
26th May 2009 09:49
Gay - Born, Made, or... ?
I was recently talking to a conservative-liberal lesbian friend, who raised with me the old...
27th October 2011 06:38
by tanklv Go to last post
by Luisrah
21st June 2010 22:02
Question for homosexuals
Hey guys, I joined this group because there was this particular question I wanted to asked. I'm...
27th October 2011 06:27
by tanklv Go to last post
by The Fighting_Crusnik
20th January 2011 03:13
My desire to atone.
Ever since I came out of the closet, I've begun to feel an unbelievable amount of guilt because of...
12th October 2011 03:01
by ericksolvi Go to last post
by Janine Melnitz
24th February 2009 22:58
Whether you are using Mark Simpson's definition or the fucking Sex and the City one, if you use it...
12th October 2011 02:49
by ericksolvi Go to last post
by Queercommie Girl
28th June 2010 07:49
Why not Metrosexuals?
Why does the group introduction say "no metrosexuals"? Just curious, I'm not actively defending...
12th March 2011 17:40
by Pirate Utopian Go to last post
by Queer Communists
14th February 2011 23:49
Revolutionary greetings, comrades!
We're excited to be here, and look forward to interacting with you! xox --QC
14th February 2011 23:49
by Queer Communists Go to last post
by Comrade Gwydion
15th September 2009 16:56
Okay, I'm gonna post something that's probably as controversial here as it is amongst fundamental...
13th January 2011 02:37
by Ztrain Go to last post
by neosyndic
12th October 2010 14:59
post-bisexual, gender blind ?
the lattest in bisexuality is gender blindness. that is to simply not pay attention to gender while...
13th January 2011 02:26
by Ztrain Go to last post
by Scarlet Fever
27th November 2010 00:53
Revolutionary Attire
I'm posting this here because even though it will probably make me seem shallow and frivolous, I...
28th November 2010 19:48
by Scarlet Fever Go to last post
by Janine Melnitz
24th February 2009 22:59
Is anyone here Morrissey?
6th November 2010 12:01
by Property Is Robbery Go to last post
by Jam in Ears
28th October 2009 02:34
Could we get the world omnisexual in the description?
Omnisexual: to be attracted to someone based on their personality and not thier gender. I don't...
14th October 2010 20:52
by neosyndic Go to last post
by Trystan
1st April 2009 19:25
Morrissey - gay?
So do we still think he's gay? It's been rumoured for . . .forever, still no hard proof (no pun...
27th June 2010 20:31
by People's War Go to last post

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