Workers' Solidarity Alliance

The Workers Solidarity Alliance is an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian organization of militants and organizers who believe that working people can build a new and better world based on the principles of solidarity and self-management.

Our organization was founded in 1984 out of several older organizations, heavily influenced and associating with the ideas and traditions of anarcho-syndicalism. These ideas, as well as those of from the libertarian socialist and anarchist-communist traditions, form the current WSA basis for affiliation.

Although there have been many high ups and low downs, the WSA has consistently held true to the principle of solidarity and our orientation to the working class. Our political statement, "Where We Stand," may be read here:

Our view is that a better society will be brought about only by working people building their own self-managed mass organizations. We believe the working class is in a prime position to overthrow the power of the bosses, and we participate in current struggles and in existing unions and independent unions to fight for our rights in the here and now, while working to build a self-managedworking-class movement.

We see fights against racism, patriarchy, homophobia etc. as essential elements of the struggle for an egalitarian society. We advocate the development of anti-authoritarian political organization where membership is based on a shared political perspective. Political ideas need to be informed by practical experience, and, through organization, militants can avoid isolation and get together for common political work. We do not, however, claim to have the final "correct line" or all the answers.

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