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Social Group

Solidarity with Cuba

Group Maintained by Panda Tse Tung

Be solidary with Cuba!

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by pranabjyoti
11th October 2009 07:55
What kind of changes do Cuba need?
I hope that nobody is thinking that the present state of Cuba is perfection at its height and...
23rd August 2013 21:17
by Fourth Internationalist Go to last post
by KurtFF8
1st April 2012 14:37
New(er) Haymarket Book on Cuba This book seems to be getting...
1st April 2012 21:41
by flobdob Go to last post
by flobdob
5th February 2012 10:26
RATB Brigade: Justice for the Cuban Five
Between 9 and 23 February 2012, activists from the British campaign in solidarity with socialist...
5th February 2012 10:26
by flobdob Go to last post
by Kamerat
22nd May 2009 00:30
Solidarity brigade
I would like to recomend going on a solidarity brigade to Cuba. Cuban Institute of Friendship with...
9th August 2011 18:56
by KurtFF8 Go to last post
by Communist
13th April 2009 18:02
Obama eases restrictions
I also posted this in Politics, but thought it might start a discussion here as well. ...
5th August 2011 18:00
by KurtFF8 Go to last post
by flobdob
6th April 2011 22:28
Razones de Cuba
RATB have just compiled the excellent Cuban documentary series, Razones de Cuba (Cuba's Reasons)...
5th August 2011 17:58
by KurtFF8 Go to last post
by A.R.Amistad
20th November 2009 20:02
Homophobia in Cuba
Going back to what I said in the previous thread, I wanted to discuss the issue of homophobia in...
15th January 2011 02:50
by Ztrain Go to last post
by neosyndic
29th October 2010 09:04
Gusano Mafia curtails free speech in Miami ("Caso Varela")
i wonder what anti-cuba "trotskyists" and the Cuba Hater Liberals think about this; would this make...
29th October 2010 09:04
by neosyndic Go to last post
by mykittyhasaboner
14th March 2009 00:13
Resources and informatin regarding Cuba
I'd like this thread to be an ever increasing list of websites, journals, studies, articles, and...
14th October 2010 14:21
by mykittyhasaboner Go to last post
by ComradeMan
17th December 2009 20:19
Cuban products to help Cuban people?
What's the take on this organisation? I bought their coffee and it was very good!!! ...
25th August 2010 20:17
by Gabe87 Go to last post
by proudhon10
5th March 2009 00:43
What happens to the revolution when the Castro brothers die? Will it be overthrown by a military...
5th April 2010 14:48
by redphilly Go to last post
by The Vegan Marxist
11th March 2010 21:58
Cuban Truth Against the Lies
Since has become inactive, apparently long enough to where the majority of the...
11th March 2010 21:58
by The Vegan Marxist Go to last post
by Soviet
18th March 2009 07:00
Cuban Five
Cuban Five: Ten Years of Institutionalized US Terror ...
30th January 2010 02:48
by Soviet Go to last post
by GracchusBabeuf
3rd January 2010 11:44
Cuba seeks 'sustainable socialism'
Cuba seeks 'sustainable socialism' By Tom Fawthrop Cuba's brand of socialism has survived a...
3rd January 2010 11:44
by GracchusBabeuf Go to last post

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