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Group Maintained by Democrat

A group focused on consolidating AC ideas, debates, and the general ideals of AC's everywhere, in one convenient place for AC's and non-AC's everywhere.

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by Skyhilist
26th May 2012 05:50
Clarifying Questions about Anarcho-Communism
So I'm new to Anarcho-Communism, but really like the general ideas of the system. I have a few...
15th December 2014 19:40
by prap Go to last post
by Property Is Robbery
6th November 2010 11:32
How did you become an Anarcho-Communist?
Ever since my freshman year of high school I loved the idea of communism because of the equality...
11th November 2014 05:00
by totalanarchy Go to last post
by Tim Cornelis
10th August 2011 21:19
Best Communist-Anarchist book?
What is the best anarchist communist book in your opinion? (We all know Kropotkin of course). ...
11th June 2014 23:53
by Zoroaster Go to last post
by LeonJWilliams
2nd April 2013 12:43
Anarcho-Communism group
Hi guys! Is this group still active? I am looking for people (especially Anarcho-Communists)...
28th December 2013 22:08
by Tommy Redcoat Go to last post
by Comrade Crow
9th July 2011 06:24
AC organizations
Are there any Anarchist-Communist groups in the USA? The NEFAC seems cool. I would like to get...
5th November 2012 10:36
by LordAcheron Go to last post
by AK
14th May 2010 09:56
What exactly is Anarcho-Communism?
...and how does it differ from Communism or plain Anarchism?
25th November 2011 03:15
by Habash Go to last post
by freepalestine
9th July 2011 18:26
Building the BDS movement: Punks Against Apartheid say"Itís bigger than Jello Biafra"
Building the BDS movement: Punks Against Apartheid say "Itís bigger than Jello Biafra" Submitted...
9th July 2011 18:26
by freepalestine Go to last post
by mick.jones29
14th January 2011 13:45
Hierarchy should not exist
We are educated from birth to respect authority and obey those of a higher status. A future...
26th May 2011 14:04
by cakedisintegrate Go to last post
by Anarchia
11th June 2010 03:52
Text from Wellington talk: Introduction to Anarchist-Communism
On June 5th, the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement held a public talk introducing the ideas of...
14th February 2011 13:06
by mick.jones29 Go to last post
by Democrat
16th March 2010 21:30
Revolution, Self-rule, and Anarcho-Communism
What are all your views on revolution, how to achieve revolution, what exactly self-rule would look...
8th January 2011 04:25
by AnarchoCommunistEyepatch Go to last post
by Democrat
16th March 2010 21:55
Anarcho-Communist Art Community
I was wondering how you all would feel if we created our own art works, or grouped all the...
31st December 2010 00:41
by The Man Go to last post
by Anarchia
16th June 2010 05:54
Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement 2010 Conference Report
Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement 2010 Conference Report Over the weekend of June 5-6th, the...
16th June 2010 05:54
by Anarchia Go to last post

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