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For people who know that coffee is awesomee!
2 1 1 0
17th October 2014
People who are fans of anime, manga or western comics
81 8 56 1
16th October 2014
a Small Political Party based in Joplin, Missouri
3 1 1 0
16th October 2014
Feminism: A social theory or political movement supporting the equality of both sexes in all aspects of public and private life.
456 40 319 10
13th October 2014
Fuck yeah Pizza!
53 3 17 0
13th October 2014
Regional group for irish comrades. Grúpa Réigiúnach do comrades gaelach.
126 43 322 11
12th October 2014
This group is against the intellectual class who have turned the university from a house of knowledge into a Church of Knowledge whose existence is centered around capital, debt slavery, obscurantism, and defense of unjust institutions. Disclaimer: I do not in any way shape or form support the practice of book burning.
6 1 1 0
11th October 2014
For RevLeft members who believe that certain forms of nationalism are compatible revolutionary ideas or simply interested in leftist nationalism. Left-wing nationalism promotes egalitarianism, anti-racism, and self-determination whose national identity in the end is shaped around an ideological identity rather than a racial identity. This group is also critical towards many self-proclaimed anti-nationalists for falling into the same trap as many "colorblind" liberals whose refusal to talk about identity is not only alienating, but also chauvinistic. Historical examples of left-wing nationalists include Tito, Sun Yat Sen, Mao Zedong, African National Congress, and the Irish Republicans.
5 1 2 0
10th October 2014
For those who are followers of Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg, Anton Pannekoek, and Guy Debord, as well as take influence from anarcho-communism. Recommended Literature: Workers Councils by Anton Pannekoek Reform or Revolution by Rosa Luxemburg Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord We are in fierce combat with Robespierre-Marx-Gramsci-Luxemburg-Tito-Chávez Thought with Anarchist Tolstoyan Hoxhaist Influences. They are a bunch of revisionist social democrat liberal petty bourgeois traitors!
19 5 15 7
9th October 2014
A group for all who oppose Ageism, and discrimination of youth, and advocate for the advancement of youth in society.
179 16 113 1
8th October 2014
For youth who realize that the only way to end ageism is to end the idea of family
4 1 1 0
8th October 2014
For the discussion of Juche Idea, North Korea, DPRK, North Korean history and culture, Kimchi, revolutionary theory and praxis, Kim J o n g-ILL, Kimchi recipes, and more. "Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is an integral system of the idea, theory and method of Juche, and a great revolutionary ideology representative of the Juche era. Guided by Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, we should conduct Party building and Party activities, so as to sustain the revolutionary character of our Party and advance the revolution and construction in line with the ideas and intentions of the President and the General."-Kim Jong-Un. Three Principles as outlined by Chairman Kim Il-Sung: I. Political independence. II. Economic self-sustenance. III. Self-reliance in defense.
13 10 31 36
7th October 2014
A group for anyone that lives in New York State.
11 2 9 0
5th October 2014
Campaigns/Misc. Political
Despite it revisionism, we defend North Korea from imperialism trying to implement socialism.
175 18 82 1
12th June 2009
For those who follow the philosophy of Absurdism.
4 2 6 0
5th October 2014
"Value criticism (in German Wertkritik) is a branch of postmarxism which is criticizing the capitalistic society. They are following traditions of the Frankfurt School and the critical theory developed under Max Horkheimer. Representatives are Robert Kurz, Roswitha Scholz and Moishe Postone. Value criticism is taking crucial aspects of Marx critiques of commodity fetishism, commodities and value, while they criticize Marx theory of class struggle and historical materialism. As result the worker class can not necessarily be identified as revolutionary subject. Instead it is pointed out, that labor has to be understood as a historic specific entity and that criticizing capitalism implies not only to criticize the distribution process in capitalism, but also the capitalistic production process and the productive powers. Thus it can be concluded, that real socialism was finally nothing more but state capitalism, where production was still following capitalistic principals. The...
5 1 8 0
22nd September 2014
for discussion of the field of self defence and hand to hand combat techniques.
159 42 462 1
22nd September 2014
For Anarcho-Aspies and Commies -- lefties on the Autism Spectrum. Is there a social / political component to being on the spectrum?
3 0 0 0
20th September 2014
A discussion group for all progressive comrades on RevLeft, who firmly take the anthropocentric position against capitalism/the price system, religious superstition, bioconservatism in any of it's forms, neo-luddism, primitivism and any other attempts/tendencies to halt or regress development. We are leftists of the variety that always puts the well being, pleasure and freedom of the human being in the center in a rational, socialistic, anthropocentric fashion and shuns technophobia as madness -- whether we otherwise identify as anarchists, marxists, or technocrats. A wish to combat reactionary forms of bioconservative or 'green' influence within the left is a uniting trait for the group. We are a group of comrades who recognise human progress, material abundance and technological development, but also a society consisting of individuals with a healthy and rational mindset as essential requirements for the building of a truly equal, classless society. This means that group...
232 136 1,275 3
12th September 2014
Bogdanov was a key figure in the early history of the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, being one of its cofounders and a rival to Vladimir Lenin until being expelled in 1909. In the first decade of the Soviet Union, he was an influential opponent of the government from a Marxist perspective. The polymath Bogdanov received training in medicine and psychiatry. His scientific interests ranged from the universal systems theory. He invented an original philosophy called “tectology,” now regarded as a forerunner of systems theory. He was also an economist, culture theorist, science fiction writer, and political activist. His most famous work was the science fiction novel about a Martian Society, The Red Star (1908).
3 2 3 0
4th September 2014
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