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This group provides a forum for those who do not accept, and wish to critique, the theory of Dialectical Materialism (not to be confused with Historical Materialism). This group also welcomes those who accept Dialectical Materialism, though we ask that debates be conducted with respect and in a comradely manner.
73 17 154 0
26th August 2015
For those of us who take a critical attitude towards technological development. If you believe: that technology has caused very severe problems, and will not necessarily continue to solve these problems; or that technology is not "ideologically neutral", but intricately tied up with the structure of class society; or that life in primitive societies is often fairly reasonable, and is not, as Hobbes said and as has become a popular view, "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short"; or if you in any other way reject blind faith in technological progress - this is the group for you.
35 3 5 0
26th August 2015
For those interested in a synthesis between mysticism and communism.
78 29 168 16
13th February 2011
Campaigns/Misc. Political
For everyone, from the Balkans or otherwise, who believes that the only solution to the complex national question on the Balkan Peninsula, and the only safeguard against foreign powers constantly pitting Balkan statelets against one another, is a return to the historic idea of the Balkan Left: a socialist federation of Balkan peoples united against imperialist interference, on a common road towards a new, liberated society. Some reading on the subject:
10 2 2 0
23rd August 2015
A group for smokers to discuss the badassery and joy of smoking tobacco.
167 17 232 0
23rd August 2015
For those wanting to advance the cultural Marxist agenda of destroying the white race from within by promoting white cultural decay. Gentiles welcome to participate in the destruction of their own race. Oy vey.
11 1 2 1
22nd August 2015
This group is for those who identify with the political tradition of those in the Italian Left who escaped to France in the advent of the fascist consolidation of power. The principles of the Italian Left in exile are: 1. Recognition of the USSR as a capitalist-imperialist state. State capitalism is not "semi-socialism"; it doesn't matter whether it is the State or private institution, if it utilizes wage-labor and accumulates value, then it is capitalism. The Russian Revolution had a dual character of both an anti-feudal and anti-bourgeois revolution. The anti-feudal revolution was a total victory on all planes of the social field; however, the anti-bourgeois revolution was a military and political victory, but an economic and social defeat. Because of the socio-economic defeat of the proletarian-socialist revolution, the Bolshevik Party retreated to the bourgeois-democratic cause. The Bolshevik State became an agent for eliminating pre-capitalist forms in order to make way...
3 0 0 0
18th August 2015
A group in which discussion of themes pertinent to California leftism is prevalent.
85 13 50 3
18th August 2015
For admirers of Nikolai Bukharin and his ideas during his left communist phase and/or in the so-called "Right Opposition". The purpose of this group is to discuss Bukharin's contribution to Marxism, and his works such as Imperialism and the World Economy and the ABC of Communism; as well as the political currents of the Russian Communist Left and the Right Opposition.
6 3 7 0
17th August 2015
no ideology, no state, no masters, no god, no faith, no morals, no universal truth
61 4 14 0
16th August 2015
Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, etc. from Post Place, WDDP, Rhizzone, SA and other communities.
17 4 16 0
23rd May 2015
For Marxistpedia readers & contributors.
18 4 5 0
13th August 2015
This group was created in order to raise awareness for left anti-semitism disguising itself as anti-zionist. We recognize the uniqueness of anti-semitism and the holocaust and thus support the existence of a state Israel untill communism. We recognize the anti-semitic tendencies within the palestinian liberation movement and the left and wish to critique them. We recognize the bourgeois and inherently reactionary character of the state Israel with all its consequences such as racism, bigotry and chauvinism. We do NOT characterize Israel as a "fascist apartheid settler colonial state".
17 2 4 0
8th August 2015
Campaigns/Misc. Political
For those with autism and aspergers,
21 3 6 0
6th August 2015
"Socialism can only arrive by bicycle." Josť Antonio Viera Gallo (1973) A group for cycling, cyclists, bicycles, bikes, Critical mass, Clarion club, Flying Pigeon, Critical Sass, Tweed Run etc.
4 3 5 10
5th August 2015
The Mensheviks were a faction of the Russian socialist movement that emerged in 1904 after a dispute in the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party between Vladimir Lenin and Julius Martov, leading to the party splitting into two factions, one being the Mensheviks and the other being the Bolsheviks. The dispute originated at the Second Congress of that party, ostensibly over minor issues of party organization. Martov's supporters, who were in the minority in a crucial vote on the question of party membership, came to be called "Mensheviks"
5 1 1 3
26th July 2015
The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. DSA's members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly democratic socialist presence in American communities and politics. At the root of our socialism is a profound commitment to democracy, as means and end. As we are unlikely to see an immediate end to capitalism tomorrow, DSA fights for reforms today that will weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of working people. For example, we support reforms that: decrease the influence of money in politics empower ordinary people in workplaces and the economy restructure gender and cultural relationships to be more equitable.
14 3 11 0
26th July 2015
"Value criticism (in German Wertkritik) is a branch of postmarxism which is criticizing the capitalistic society. They are following traditions of the Frankfurt School and the critical theory developed under Max Horkheimer. Representatives are Robert Kurz, Roswitha Scholz and Moishe Postone. Value criticism is taking crucial aspects of Marx critiques of commodity fetishism, commodities and value, while they criticize Marx theory of class struggle and historical materialism. As result the worker class can not necessarily be identified as revolutionary subject. Instead it is pointed out, that labor has to be understood as a historic specific entity and that criticizing capitalism implies not only to criticize the distribution process in capitalism, but also the capitalistic production process and the productive powers. Thus it can be concluded, that real socialism was finally nothing more but state capitalism, where production was still following capitalistic principals. The...
9 1 9 0
19th July 2015
Shutter Shades are a design of slatted sunglasses. The first louvered sunglasses date from the 1950s, and a modernized version was released in the early 1980s.
1 2 2 16
14th July 2015
In imitation of the Bordiga, Lenin and Kautsky Literati groups, this comrade has found it appropriate to create a group devoted to in-depth study of the political and philosophical writings of G. V. Plekhanov, the Russian Marxist who founded the Emancipation of Labour Group which laid the "theoretical foundations"(Lenin) of the Russian Marxist movement and "took the first step towards"(Lenin) a working-class movement in Russia and played a prominent role in representing the Russian Marxists in the Second International and vigorously fought against Economism and liquidationism, "two different forms of the same petty-bourgeois, intellectualist opportunism"(Lenin) in the RSDLP.
40 8 21 5
8th December 2012
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