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Regional group for irish comrades. Grúpa Réigiúnach do comrades gaelach.
126 43 325 11
30th January 2015
This is the group that formed which is a writers collective popularising the ideas of revolutionary Social-Democracy of the late 19th and early 20th century. We are also open for contributions and if you like to do so you could reach us at “When and where did I ever claim to have created any sort of special trend in international Social-Democracy not identical with the trend of Bebel and Kautsky?” - Lenin A related political group is the Dutch Communist Platform:
23 23 275 17
8th March 2013
This is an accountability group for people that want to lose weight/get healthier.
9 1 10 0
22nd January 2015
This group is for people who enjoy folk music of any culture, be it Mexican Corridos, American musicians such as Pete Seeger or Phil Ochs, Irish bands such as Pogues or Dubliners, or anything else that's considered folk. So post whatever you'd like, a good idea would be to look on torrent sites or youtube for musicians you enjoy, and post it so we can all see and bask in its folky-ness.
46 9 41 0
22nd January 2015
Let's enthuse.
3 0 0 0
19th January 2015
A group in which discussion of themes pertinent to California leftism is prevalent.
83 13 49 3
18th January 2015
This drink is my life.
4 1 1 0
16th January 2015
For Marxistpedia readers & contributors.
14 3 4 0
16th January 2015
Impossibilism is a theory and strategy for bringing about socialism and an interpretation of Marxism that stresses the limited value of political, economic and social reforms within a capitalist economy. It argues that pursuing such reforms is counterproductive as they only strengthen support for the existing system and thereby work to ensure the continuation of the capitalist system, or at the least, impossibilism argues that such reforms are irrelevant to the realization of socialism and should not be a major concern for socialists.
79 44 60 8
15th January 2015
A group for all of us fabulously attractive motherfuckers to talk about proletarian aesthetics, whether it be the rugged sexiness of a mine worker to the class of a prole on their first prom date, either way, we are the revolutionary good-lookin' front.
3 0 0 0
15th January 2015
This group is for the study of the book "Revolutionary Strategy" by Mike Macnair.
50 36 183 1
10th January 2015
This is a group for all of the British Communists on this site.
8 2 4 1
25th July 2013
For the discussion of podcasts. Podcasts are audio files distributed on the internet usually of the Mp3 filetype and for free. Podcast content is mostly spoken word, sometimes radio episodes and can be about any subject. Podcasts are generally slightly different to audiobooks (which have a separate group here). Sometimes you can subscribe to podcasts for notifications of new ones in a series (using software such as Juice). People listen to podcasts on computers, iPods, iPads, mobile phones or any other Mp3 devices. Podcasts and audio can be found at BBC radio, NPR, iTunes store, etc.
16 31 32 8
5th January 2015
for discussion of the field of self defence and hand to hand combat techniques.
160 43 463 1
5th January 2015
This group is here to discuss and debate on the actions of the CCCP and its leaders and Stalin especially Stalin.
155 17 453 122
4th January 2015
For discussion regarding Godzilla/Gojira, his films, media, allies, enemies, and other fellow kaiju, as well as the environmental and political statements of many of the movies.
2 0 0 0
2nd January 2015
Usergroup for learning the language, discussing about it and propagate its revolutionary potential.
60 14 42 0
31st December 2014
This group is for all revolutionary Americans living in the USA. This group will discuss specific events, problems, and questions that face us as Americans in our pursuit for revolution and socialist construction. All tenancies are welcome. It is the hope of this group to create a framework for national cohesion and dialogue, whereby we all become aware of the particular struggles and obstacles facing the prospect of revolution in America.
329 22 183 27
30th December 2014
Group for enthusiasts of space exploration. Humanity is ready to take to the stars, and communism should be the model for space exploration!
103 10 52 1
28th December 2014
A group for those who are influenced by the Surrealist movement, and wish to further continue the project of creating a synthesis of Arthur Rimbaud's libertinism and romanticism, and Marx's politics.
2 0 0 1
26th December 2014
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