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Group for all anarchists, antifascists and all those who work for The Revolution across the UK NO PASARAN!
155 9 122 1
17th February 2015
Those who draw on walls, drop the tarp, sprinkle leaves across the place. Gather in groups, and in large crowds, but you never show your face. Smash the building, burn the flag, then you leave without a trace. Make your point, loud and clear, blend in with a mellow pace. The search takes off to find out who, but you've already won the race. (For them who don't like to publicly organize to carry out political actions, (i.e. parties, unions, political organizations, ect) but like to do stuff individually or in non-public groups to avoid drawing attention and be able to carry out more diverse activities)
2 0 0 0
16th February 2015
A group for reformed racist, nazis, capitalists, bigots and nationalists ect, to discuss how and why you changed. Also to discuss how misguided youths could be brought round to the left.
30 2 15 0
14th February 2015
The purpose of this group is to discuss the possibility and nature of what Marx called the "higher" stage of communism - free access communism - based on the principle "from each according to ability to each according to need". What can we say about the cultural ethos and practical organisation of such a society to meet human needs? What about the "human nature" type arguments that have been routinely levelled against it , arguments that purport to demonstrate the futility of organising for a world without money, wage labour, the profit motive and the state. Whatever your views on the matter, such a world would be one very different from the capitalist world in which we live - be this free market capitalism, state run capitalism or any possible permutation of capitalism in between.
63 9 24 0
13th February 2015
For rap fans of mainstream, underground, alternative, etc to discuss rap music and hip-hop/hip-hop culture.
6 2 2 0
11th February 2015
For those with 50 posts or more who acknowledge the need to bring about "the merger of [Marxism] and the worker movement" (Kautsky) and solve the crises of theory
243 186 1,411 25
9th February 2015
In imitation of the Bordiga, Lenin and Kautsky Literati groups, this comrade has found it appropriate to create a group devoted to in-depth study of the political and philosophical writings of G. V. Plekhanov, the Russian Marxist who founded the Emancipation of Labour Group which laid the "theoretical foundations"(Lenin) of the Russian Marxist movement and "took the first step towards"(Lenin) a working-class movement in Russia and played a prominent role in representing the Russian Marxists in the Second International and vigorously fought against Economism and liquidationism, "two different forms of the same petty-bourgeois, intellectualist opportunism"(Lenin) in the RSDLP.
39 6 16 5
8th December 2012
For the younger leftists of revleft!
240 20 334 0
8th February 2015
Hey if metalheads have their group, so do we. Any fans of punk, proto-punk, post-punk and whatever else comes close to punk can join.
211 32 357 14
7th February 2015
For Marxist-Leninists adhering to a Third Period or true "Anti-Revisionist" line defined first by the Sixth Congress of the Communist International and the resulting Programme of the Communist International, those sympathetic to this Third Period line, and those curious about it and its implications for today
62 20 103 7
4th February 2015
Fuck bullying
3 0 0 0
1st February 2015
A group for radical gingers to organize against discrimination against gingers and the root of all discrimination: capitalism.
9 2 9 4
1st February 2015
Regional group for irish comrades. Grúpa Réigiúnach do comrades gaelach.
126 43 325 11
30th January 2015
a group to critically discuss the practical and theoretical value of the works of tiqqun, the invisible committee and everything remotely related.. also just a kick-ass tendency name....
45 7 26 0
27th January 2015
This is the group that formed which is a writers collective popularising the ideas of revolutionary Social-Democracy of the late 19th and early 20th century. We are also open for contributions and if you like to do so you could reach us at “When and where did I ever claim to have created any sort of special trend in international Social-Democracy not identical with the trend of Bebel and Kautsky?” - Lenin A related political group is the Dutch Communist Platform:
23 23 275 17
8th March 2013
For high schoolers and college people on the left.
86 8 52 0
26th January 2015
A group for members, supporters and people interested in the Communist Party of Britain. ☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭☭ ::: I'm not running this group anymore. My involvement with the CPB is over and as such as soon as someone interested in taking over comes along I'm just going to let it gather dust. If you are interested in running the group, please send me a PM. :::
1 0 0 0
23rd January 2015
This is an accountability group for people that want to lose weight/get healthier.
9 1 10 0
22nd January 2015
This group is for people who enjoy folk music of any culture, be it Mexican Corridos, American musicians such as Pete Seeger or Phil Ochs, Irish bands such as Pogues or Dubliners, or anything else that's considered folk. So post whatever you'd like, a good idea would be to look on torrent sites or youtube for musicians you enjoy, and post it so we can all see and bask in its folky-ness.
46 9 41 0
22nd January 2015
Let's enthuse.
3 0 0 0
19th January 2015
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