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A group for all of the anarcho-Trotskyite-fascist conspirators out there.
19 36 668 7
25th October 2012
For the younger leftists of revleft!
240 20 334 0
8th February 2015
This is a group for all people who want a stateless, classless society, and lots of marijuana to smoke. Revolution will be brought about by the spread of pot.
101 14 57 7
3rd June 2013
For high schoolers and college people on the left.
86 8 53 0
18th April 2015
For the revlefters who know tea to be the bona fide hot drink of the proletariat. Awaiting somebody to start a coffee faction
29 7 47 0
1st February 2012
We play EU4
9 4 34 0
23rd April 2014
A group for those who want to be the very best, like no one ever was... Clubs meetings are at my Mom's Basement on Thursdays. Donuts will be served.
32 6 34 0
15th December 2012
For those of us that have fungus growing outta our faces. Beard,mustaches and sideburns all are welcome.
28 2 24 0
11th May 2013
Wether you drink it pure, with milk, sugar, or iced, we don't need YOU, but YOU need Caffe´ne! Oh, and the Tea-guys asked for it.
46 7 23 0
5th February 2013
This is a group for the praise of - or reasoned criticism of - the online comic Great Moments in Leftism. Namaste.
27 1 12 0
10th October 2013
A group on the discussion of Stalins mustache
25 2 12 0
21st July 2012
3 million years from Earth; the mining ship Red Dwarf. It's crew, Dave Lister, the last human being alive. Arnold Rimmer, a hologram of his dead bunk mate. And a creature that evolved from the ship's cat. Message ends. Additional. An android named Kryten also showed up a few years in and the ship's computer Holly changed sexes a couple of times. Series 7 and 8 never happened. They have been loaded onto a black box and buried on a distant moon with a tombstone that reads: 'Kochanski replacing Rimmer? Really?'
12 3 12 1
19th December 2012
This is a group for all of us who resist galactic imperialism...and to talk about Star Wars.
21 3 11 0
14th July 2014
This is an accountability group for people that want to lose weight/get healthier.
9 1 10 0
22nd January 2015
A group for radical gingers to organize against discrimination against gingers and the root of all discrimination: capitalism.
9 2 9 4
1st February 2015
For those who respect and/or follow Trotsky for creating a wonderful Fastfood restaurant.
18 2 8 0
4th September 2014
Are you inspired by Comrade Stalin, Comrade Mao, Comrade Sung, Comrade Pot, Comrade Tito, Comrade Hoxha, and Comrade Ceausescu? Well then, this group is for you! This group is specifically for opportunists (that pretend to be communists, in fact, we adhere to any ideology as long as it will grant us state power) that are hoping to take over during the next revolution, impose party hegemony, grant themselves godly privileges, enslave the proletariat, implement a military dictatorship, and perhaps create one or two personality cults (hey! it could be you, depending on how great you look). Oh and we will grant ourselves extravagant titles like 'Amazing Genius of Communism' or 'Grand Architect of the Universe', which one do you think sounds more awesome? Sounds good right? If you're interested in furthering our cause, read 1984 to understand our complete party program. Solidarity with our expensive champagne drinking comrades in the North Korean elite! We'll be like them one day! ...
20 3 8 0
30th July 2012
A place for trekkies to talk about Star Trek stuff.
16 2 8 0
22nd May 2013
Neo-Liebknechtism-Bebelism-Vladimir Lenin Thought, as based mainly on the teachings of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Wilhelm Liebknecht, August Bebel and Vladimir Lenin, is the highest qualitative stage of Marxism so far and is the guiding ideology of revolutionaries the RevLeft over who carry forward the fight for a world free of all class distinctions, all exploitative production relations, all oppressive social relations, and all corresponding, reactionary ideas - the communist world of the future. Basic Liebknechtist-Bebelist principles were implemented successfully, though with shortcomings, in the SPD during the leadership of Liebknecht and Bebel, but it was the experience of socialist organization and the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party in the Russian Empire under Lenin however that heralded 'Vladimir Lenin Thought' and later 'Leninism' as a new qualitative advancement of Liebknechtism-Bebelism. Key principles of Neo-LBL include: 1. The advocating for proletarian...
6 2 7 2
28th September 2013
Named in honour of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, the true people's hero of the Roman civil wars, First-World Lepidan Communism upholds the work of noted SPD theoreticians Noske and Ebert, and projects a break-in military coup (that is, a break-in executed as a military coup) leading to a "March from Rome" (since we expect we will have to run from the police afterwards). We note the need for a completely un-charismatic leader, which has something to do with the comprador bourgeoisie. Somehow. We demand that journalists sit down whenever our un-charismatic chairman or bureaucratic secretary-general enters the room, critically support the Luxemburgish Rietspartei (which is a bit odd since that hasn't existed in quite a while) and support the creation of an alternate workers' culture primarily focused on party-affiliated drug dens and self-managed prison camp cooperatives.
3 1 6 2
11th August 2014
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