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discuss the world of video games and interactive entertainment here.
388 181 1,686 3
28th August 2008
For anyone who wants to read, analyze, and see how the works of Bordiga and others closely related to Bordiga and Bordigism apply to our current world and situations. This group is open to all, whether critical, neutral, or supportive of Amadeo Bordiga's ideas and views.
63 47 133 0
31st January 2016
This is the official usergroup for all members who wish to collaborate on creating a series of study guides for vital revolutionary texts, events, figures, and theory. All tendencies are welcome.
86 46 106 0
9th December 2014
for discussion of the field of self defence and hand to hand combat techniques.
165 43 463 1
5th January 2015
Gay, lesbian, bi, transsexual, transgender, transvestite, intersex, genderqueer, hermaphrodite, androgyne, nullo, asexual, pansexual, sissy, 'mo, dyke, mahu, butch, femme, light in the loafers, homosexual, invert, faggot, sodomite, homophile, homogenitalist, sapphist, tribade, confricatrice, rubster, Daughter of Bilitis, confirmed bachelor, molly, tommy, similsexualist, urningtum, queen, king, third gender, third sex, friend of Dorothy, hijra, bean flicker, donut puncher, Mary, todger dodger, Player of The Game of Flats, lezbo, lezzie, lezzer, backgammon player, bender, batty boy, twink, bear, Morrissey, h-heteroflexible (ugh), chi chi man, fairy, flit, голубˇй, gentleman of the back door, harry hoofter, nancy, turner, ginger beer, warmer bruder, camionneuse, cola-velcro, gacha bucha, tˇng zhý, gēi-lˇu, comrade. ***NO METROSEXUALS***
260 40 284 19
30th August 2015
This group is for the study of the book "Revolutionary Strategy" by Mike Macnair.
52 36 183 1
10th January 2015
"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say." - Anais Nin
205 35 241 1
17th July 2014
Hey if metalheads have their group, so do we. Any fans of punk, proto-punk, post-punk and whatever else comes close to punk can join.
222 33 364 14
8th January 2016
For the discussion of podcasts. Podcasts are audio files distributed on the internet usually of the Mp3 filetype and for free. Podcast content is mostly spoken word, sometimes radio episodes and can be about any subject. Podcasts are generally slightly different to audiobooks (which have a separate group here). Sometimes you can subscribe to podcasts for notifications of new ones in a series (using software such as Juice). People listen to podcasts on computers, iPods, iPads, mobile phones or any other Mp3 devices. Podcasts and audio can be found at BBC radio, NPR, iTunes store, etc.
19 32 33 8
24th December 2015
For those interested in a synthesis between mysticism and communism.
79 29 168 16
13th February 2011
For discussion, help, and study on all world languages. Pour discussion, aide, et l'Útude sur toutes les langues du monde Para el debate, ayuda, y el estudio de todos los idiomas del mundo Zur Diskussion, Hilfe und Studie Řber alle Sprachen der Welt Для обсуждения, помочь, и исследование на всех языках мира. 进行讨论,帮助,学习世界上所有的语言。
211 27 188 1
13th December 2015
The pre-eminent British socialist, libertarian socialist and founder and still principal figure of the Arts and Crafts movement. Co-founder and chief editor of the Social Democratic Federation 1881 to 1883, Socialist League 1884 to 1890 and the Hammersmith Socialist Society 1890 to his death in 1896. Co-founding father of fantasy fiction. Inspiration for the William Morris Society and its Journal of William Morris Studies published biannually since 1961. and
41 25 29 11
29th November 2015
Join if you're a fan of Doctor Who and/or Torchwood.
60 25 143 26
30th August 2015
Winter clouds snow-laden, cotton fluff flying, None or few the unfallen flowers. Chill waves sweep through steep skies, Yet earth's gentle breath grows warm. Only heroes can quell tigers and leopards And wild bears never daunt the brave. Plum blossoms welcome the whirling snow; Small wonder flies freeze and perish. -Winter Clouds, Mao Tse Tung
41 24 33 0
18th April 2012
A discussion about a user's solution for revolution in a third-world country with a minority proletarian population.
20 22 77 6
18th December 2015
Does noble elven blood flow in your veins? Do you know what to do when told to throw 2d8 +3? Can you name all the party members of Drizzt Do'Urden? Despair not! This group is just for you. Prepare for an epic quest, during which you can discuss both seriously about fantasy and gaming viewed through marxist theory, and casually about game mechanics and characters. Anime and sci-fi brothers are welcome. Allowed equipment: Sharp tongue, argument of fire +5 and lightning rod of civilized discussion.
64 22 193 16
2nd December 2013
For the appreciation and creation of socialist audiobooks. Recording spoken word socialist works in the public domain as audiobooks needs encouraging. Whether these are appreciated by the visually impaired or those that prefer to learn aurally, or those that just enjoy podcasts (not all podcasts are audiobooks). Exchange tips and information on technical, legal, oral and social aspects here. Discuss sharing on,,, iTunes store, etc. Works published prior to 1923 are generally public domain hence the historical authors chosen as topics in this group. Hence the absence of 20th and 21st Century figures in this group.
33 21 28 0
10th June 2015
A group for discussion of issues surrounding neurological divergence. Open to all members, regardless of neurology but respect is requested; "spoilers", neurochauvanists and the like will not be tolerated.
75 20 171 1
20th July 2013
Following the example of the Lenin and Kautsky Literati: A group for those you who wish to discuss, read, and learn more about the Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci.
54 19 76 27
14th July 2014
An interest group discussing various anonymisation technologies, such as tor, freenet, i2p and more.
75 18 40 7
26th July 2013
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