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For People who acknowledge the force of Imperialism is a historical one and that the beast must be slain at the heart in "the brain of the monster" (Che Guevara about Switzerland): the most advanced capitalist societies. This is not to undermine the anti-imperialist struggle, but it has shown to be immensely difficult economically, socially and politically. It is just to elaborate the notion that once Imperialism truly runs out of more substantial territory to expand to, we must be focused to agitate, educate and organise the working class to overthrow the global capitalist system, in the most highly advanced capitalist countries of the world.
8 2 7 0
8th June 2012
This group is not about promoting Zionism, but rather monitoring Anti-Semitism. It is inevitable that the topic of Zionism will come up however let us not see critique of the policies of the government of Israel as an excuse for Anti-Semitism and hate-speech towards Jewish people or their friends, families and co-workers.
17 19 47 0
8th December 2009
For those of us who realize that the only way to eradicate the cancer of hate,is to ban,outlaw,prevent,and militantly combat Hate Speech. Hate speech IS NOT freedom of speech!
25 2 7 0
29th October 2012
This is a group for people with cat avatars and/or cat profile pics!
8 1 1 0
8th June 2014
Those who believe the worship of a children's show is bourgeois and reactionary by it's very nature.
14 4 28 0
28th June 2014
Fuck bullying
6 0 0 0
1st February 2015
Anti-Consumerism is a socio-political movement against the equating of personal happiness with consumption and the purchase of material possessions.
65 3 16 0
20th January 2014
radical-left German movement that defies the state of Germany, oversimplified, structural anti-semitic criticism of capitalism and onesided rejection of Israel.
6 1 3 2
21st June 2014
We are atheists but we reject the idea that atheists should wage crusades against religions, and especially the idea that atheists should support "Western" civilisation and/or Christianity against the "greater evil" of militant Islam!
5 1 1 0
23rd November 2015
A group for those who find it unfair that a Marxist-Leninist like Lavrenti Beria is unjustly vilified while centrists like Molotov and Malenkov are hailed by many anti-revisionists.
6 5 14 2
26th May 2011
I'd like to establish a group which could serve as a basis for resources against ecology-fetishism and it's offspring, namely, pseudo-Darwinist evolutionary psychology, biological determinism and a revived interest in Eugenics. The same ruthlessness Marx leveled against despicable scum like Malthus ought to be utilized today. The spontaneous ideology of the masses today is, contrary to what some of our more traditional leftists still stuck fighting battles won long ago like to claim, absolutely not religion. It is what can only be in the long term described as ecology - following globalization and the death of politics, a revived interest in the so-called "nature/nurture" debate, new age mysticism and reactionary ecology fetishism arguably has defined the coordinates of ideological obfuscation in postmodern capitalist society. The spontaneous ideological predispositions of the masses are no longer petty superstition, but an even worse monstrosity: Pseudo-Darwinist biological...
7 1 1 0
28th June 2015
A group to discuss and begin the formation of a Free School.
8 2 7 0
7th March 2014
DCLXVI. Mors est oppositio. Please prove to me that you are worthy to join. Members must understand the ancient wisdom.
6 3 4 1
1st July 2013
A group for the serious discussion of dialectical-materialism and its antecedents and competing intellectual tendencies, and what exactly the founding theoretical basis of Karl Marx' system of scientific socialism actually is and stands for. And what it means for all of us and Humanity, for that matter.
19 9 15 12
6th May 2014
8 2 2 0
10th October 2012
A group for reformed racist, nazis, capitalists, bigots and nationalists ect, to discuss how and why you changed. Also to discuss how misguided youths could be brought round to the left.
34 2 17 0
30th September 2015
For those of us who find this man to be the single most repulsive reactionary of the lot, and want to have a group designated to his mockery and idiocy.
77 3 6 0
13th March 2012
A group to discuss issues people are going through in a non-confrontational, non-judgmental environment, for the purpose of providing support for people who feel they need it.
29 12 89 0
12th March 2010
Despite their inhuman tactics... I have to acknowledge that they are badass. Even more so than Lions. Honey badgers. Not kings of the jungle. Kings of the Universe.
9 2 3 4
20th October 2013
This group is for people who have Latino blood (i.e. have ancestors from Latin American nations), are from Latin American nations, or are not Latinos, but are interested in Latino issues and culture. Este grupo es para las personas que tienen sangre latina, son de las naciones de América Latina, o que no son latinos, pero están interesados en las problemas de los latinos y la cultura latina. Welcome! ˇBienvenido!
10 2 6 0
22nd June 2015
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