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Following the example of the Lenin, Kautsky, Bordiga and Plekhanov Literati, this is a group dedicated to the in-depth study of the works of the American Marxist theoretician Daniel De Leon and his union-centric syndical brand of communist strategy.
2 1 1 1
11th February 2016
For those with 50 posts or more who acknowledge the need to bring about "the merger of [Marxism] and the worker movement" (Kautsky) and solve the crises of theory
250 192 1,425 28
10th February 2016
Got an interest in art? Have some work you want to show off? Revleft artists come on in.
40 3 19 0
10th February 2016
This group is for all revolutionary Americans living in the USA. This group will discuss specific events, problems, and questions that face us as Americans in our pursuit for revolution and socialist construction. All tenancies are welcome. It is the hope of this group to create a framework for national cohesion and dialogue, whereby we all become aware of the particular struggles and obstacles facing the prospect of revolution in America.
332 25 188 27
10th February 2016
This is a group for all revolutionary leftists who see the need to focus attention on anti-fascist struggle, and wish to discuss what fascism is and how we can fight it.
621 17 131 11
8th August 2009
For all those who enjoy the blazing cocktail parties at Molli's. Welcoming all Insurrectionary Anarchists, Insurrectionary Communists, and the like, as well as people in support of or interested in debating Insurrection, Direct Action, Sabotage, Militancy, Clandestineness, Armed Resistance, Urban Guerrillas, and all other things non-reconcilable.
156 9 33 0
9th February 2016
Networking group for those in new england to the dirty south.
191 39 156 0
9th February 2016
The Mensheviks were a faction of the Russian socialist movement that emerged in 1904 after a dispute in the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party between Vladimir Lenin and Julius Martov, leading to the party splitting into two factions, one being the Mensheviks and the other being the Bolsheviks. The dispute originated at the Second Congress of that party, ostensibly over minor issues of party organization. Martov's supporters, who were in the minority in a crucial vote on the question of party membership, came to be called "Mensheviks"
8 6 6 3
8th February 2016
A group for people who identify as anarchists regardless of traditions to discuss theory, history and practice.
815 461 7,324 72
5th May 2008
"The revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name. Everything in him is wholly absorbed in the single thought and the single passion for revolution." - Sergei Nacheyev, The Revolutionary Catechism Group for angry totalitarian edgelords.
4 2 3 2
6th February 2016
For anyone who wants to read, analyze, and see how the works of Bordiga and others closely related to Bordiga and Bordigism apply to our current world and situations. This group is open to all, whether critical, neutral, or supportive of Amadeo Bordiga's ideas and views.
63 47 133 0
31st January 2016
Campaigns/Misc. Political
For unapologetic supporters of the former USSR, from its post-civil war beginnings up to Perestroika. While its initial goal of Communism was derailed by revisionists and saboteurs within the party, even in its ailing years (1930s-1980s) it stood as a bulwark against Imperialism and assisted revolutions across the globe. For those who believe unflinchingly that the world as a whole was better off with the USSR in the political arena.
52 5 24 7
17th September 2010
This is a group for discussing the theory and practice of the left communist movement in the world today, and the lessons of the historical experiences of the world proletariat.
390 222 1,830 56
26th January 2016
Maoists that think Lin Biao was a better Maoist than Mao but accept Mao's contributions. Mao was a good man but he turned reactionary at the end of his life and we believe Lin Biao would have carried out his legacy.
5 1 1 0
25th January 2016
A group for leftists in the Great State of Texas! Yee-Haw!
42 5 37 0
24th January 2016
The Communist Labor Party is a revolutionary left-wing party in the U.S.A. The Communist Labor Party seeks to build community and political power for working, disabled, and oppressed people in the United States. We are a pro-labor, pro-feminist, non-sectarian and anti-imperialist party. We are currently active in the Pacific Northwest. Email: Website:
1 0 0 1
22nd January 2016
Just academic approach to Karl Marx only. Marx scholarship.
4 6 6 5
21st January 2016
This group is for organizing the growing anti-capitalist sentiment throughout the world into programmatic unity. We believe that in order to defeat capitalism, socialists of all tendencies must come together and act as one in the fight against exploitation. In this group we hope to draw in adherents of all tendencies to engage in open minded debate on what actions should be taken in the establishment of socialism. No matter what our differences are, we all agree on the most important thing... Capitalism must go, and only together can we get rid of it!
89 5 67 0
21st January 2016
For all those who think psychoanalysis is fucking bullshit. Freud, Rank, Adler, Lacan, Winnicott, Klein, Roudinesco, Leclaire, Laplanche, Miller, their followers, and their pseudoscience belong to the trashbin of history.
3 2 3 0
19th January 2016
A group for all who oppose Ageism, and discrimination of youth, and advocate for the advancement of youth in society.
199 17 122 1
19th January 2016
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