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Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, etc. from Post Place, WDDP, SA and other communities.
10 2 8 0
23rd May 2015
a Small Political Party based in Joplin, Missouri
4 2 2 0
A group dedicated to discussing who is and who could be a possible capitalist or fascist infiltrator. Or otherwise, just finding out who doesn't belong here.
36 9 48 0
10th January 2014
A group for all who oppose Ageism, and discrimination of youth, and advocate for the advancement of youth in society.
189 17 117 1
28th May 2015
Juche usually translated as "self-reliance", sometimes referred to as Kimilsungism, is a political thesis formed by the former North Korean leader Kim Il-sung which states that the Korean masses are the masters of the country's development. From the 1950s to the 1970s, Kim and other party theorists such as Hwang Jang-yop elaborated the Juche Idea into a set of principles that the North Korean government uses to justify its policy decisions. Among these are political independence, military independence, and economic self-sufficiency.
1 0 0 0
28th May 2015
Hey if metalheads have their group, so do we. Any fans of punk, proto-punk, post-punk and whatever else comes close to punk can join.
217 33 362 14
26th May 2015
This is a group for all fomenters, Troublemakers, Rabble rousers, Trolls, Seditionists, Provokers, Mischief makers, and Malcontents. For those of us who don't take a mass movement seriously, but would rather cause tension everywhere, locating the breaking points of all systems, and breaking them. The point isn't to cause revolution but to put stress on everything.
4 0 0 0
26th May 2015
12 1 1 0
26th May 2015
Campaigns/Misc. Political
This is a group for anyone against police institutions and anybody involved in them. We reject the concepts of 'good cops' and 'workers in uniform' as well as 'revolutionary' movements trying appeal to the killers shooting at us. From the UK to Vietnam to Venezuela, the cops are our enemies. They do not exist to protect or help people, they do not suppress 'fascist protesters'. We do not see any good coming out of an institution, or the people working in it, that is literally designed to enforce oppression. The police is an inherently violent, corrupt, and racist institution with direct ties to the state. As such, we oppose extensions of the police as well (ex: national guards). In a fight against the state, the cops already picked their side. Every cop a murderer, every judge an accomplice.
3 0 0 0
25th May 2015
Leftists from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
87 59 124 5
24th May 2015
Marxism-Leninism is the theory and practice of the Communists, who uphold the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin in the struggle for proletarian revolution, the construction of socialism, and the triumph of communism on a world scale. It is the scientific ideology of the working-class and its vanguard which accomplish these aims. Marxism-Leninism bases itself on historical and dialectical materialism, taking into account the objective material conditions existant in each country and region. It supports just struggles against imperialism and neo-colonialism whose victories are guaranteed through the leading role of the working-class in said struggles. It supports internationalism as the guiding basis of the foreign policy of the socialist state and in the approach to inter-imperialist conflicts. Marxist-Leninists fight for both democratic and socialist demands and, where necessary in the world, carry out any bourgeois-democratic tasks in tandem with the uninterrupted move over...
593 374 3,991 60
21st May 2015
Campaigns/Misc. Political
Comrades! The ever clever fascist menace has embraced a sickening method to attempt to undermine the left: To disguise their fascist views under a red flag! This method isn't new, but several groups are attempting to revitalize it and we must remain vigilant if we are to ensure workers aren't bamboozled by fascist lies. We must unite against the National Bolshevik and National Communist threat!
38 2 9 0
21st May 2015
Free the body
8 1 2 0
21st May 2015
The Pirate Party movement began in the Swedish political party, Piratpartiet. They are now the third biggest party in Sweden, and there are pirate parties or people forming pirate parties on 5 continents. Pirate Parties support copyright and patent reform, right to privacy, and weakening of companies and governemnts.
45 2 5 0
21st May 2015
For those with 50 posts or more who acknowledge the need to bring about "the merger of [Marxism] and the worker movement" (Kautsky) and solve the crises of theory
244 187 1,414 25
18th May 2015
Pan-leftism is an ideology, or the lack there of one, which promotes the notion that Anti-Capitalist Leftists of all shades should cooperate instead of constantly bickering amongst themselves. Pan-leftists welcome all Anti-Capitalists be they Anarchist; Communists of all shades including Maoists, Trotskyists; Religious Socialists (Such as Liberation Theologists or Islamic Socialists); Democratic Socialists (of the sort who don't support the Capitalist means of production); Syndicalists or any other ideology which supports the working class against Capitalism and Fascism. Marx is famously quotes as saying "workers of the world, unite!" Shouldn't that last word apply to us as well?
331 8 51 1
16th May 2015
A group dedicated to Horror, Gore, Zombies, Mondo, Pinku Eiga, exploitation, WIP films, and other such films that have been frowned upon by critics and banned by the authorities.
38 16 132 31
14th May 2015
This group is for communists who do not subscribe to a particular doctrine or "ism". If you are a "Marxist-Leninist," Trotskyist, Maoist, Stalinist, Hoxhaist, Luxemburgist, Bordigist, Bukharinist or one of a million other doctrinal "ists", this group is not for you. However, if you recognize that even a blind squirrel can find a theoretical nut, or have no qualms about slaughtering your own sacred cows, or really understand what Marx meant when he said, "If anything is certain, it is that I myself am not a Marxist", then you might just be a non-doctrinaire communist. Group members must be able to agree with the Non-Doctrinaire Communist Credo.
267 12 61 0
13th May 2015
I'd like to establish a group which could serve as a basis for resources against ecology-fetishism and it's offspring, namely, pseudo-Darwinist evolutionary psychology, biological determinism and a revived interest in Eugenics. The same ruthlessness Marx leveled against despicable scum like Malthus ought to be utilized today. The spontaneous ideology of the masses today is, contrary to what some of our more traditional leftists still stuck fighting battles won long ago like to claim, absolutely not religion. It is what can only be in the long term described as ecology - following globalization and the death of politics, a revived interest in the so-called "nature/nurture" debate, new age mysticism and reactionary ecology fetishism arguably has defined the coordinates of ideological obfuscation in postmodern capitalist society. The spontaneous ideological predispositions of the masses are no longer petty superstition, but an even worse monstrosity: Pseudo-Darwinist biological...
2 0 0 0
13th May 2015
Many people are aware of the worldwide problem of environmental pollution and destruction. This is making the Earth become increasingly unstable and uninhabitable. Left unchecked, global warming and general ecological destruction will have catastrophic impacts on human, animal, and plant life. For too many environmentalists however, green issues and politics are “neither left nor right” or “beyond politics”. But this is not true. Ecological destruction is not an accidental feature of the capitalist system. The insatiable need to increase profits cannot be reformed away as its system of production, for profit and not need, causes huge amounts of environmental destruction and needless waste. On the other side, the left cannot ignore environmental issues or afford not to put enough emphasis on them as (1) a classless society does not automatically equate to an environmentally friendly one, although it does have the basis to create one (unlike a capitalist society) and (2) by the...
303 37 128 1
12th May 2015
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