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  • Marxist-Leninists

    Marxism-Leninism is the theory and practice of the Communists, who uphold the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin in the struggle for proletarian revolution, the construction of socialism, and the triumph of communism on a world scale. It is the scientific ideology of the working-class and its vanguard which accomplish these aims.

    Marxism-Leninism bases itself on historical and dialectical materialism, taking into account the objective material conditions existent in each country and region. It supports just struggles against imperialism and neo-colonialism whose victories are guaranteed through the leading role of the working-class in said struggles. It supports internationalism as the guiding basis of the foreign policy of the socialist state and in the approach to inter-imperialist conflicts. Marxist-Leninists fight for both democratic and socialist demands and, where necessary in the world, carry out any bourgeois-democratic tasks in tandem with the uninterrupted move over into the socialist revolution.

    The struggles waged by Marx, Engels and Lenin against all forms of revisionism, opportunism and reformism constituted both the defense of scientific socialism and its creative development, opposing both "left" and right-wing deviations.

    The construction of socialism in the Soviet Union and likeminded countries provided a superior alternative to the capitalist system. The treacherous policies pursued by the restorers of capitalism constituted a heavy setback for the world working-class movement, but they could not reverse the nature of capitalism and the inevitability of class struggles for socialism under it.

    Marxism-Leninism remains the ideology of the working-class by virtue of its scientific content and objective merits in the epoch of imperialism and the decay of capitalism.

    =Reading List=
    * ricalRecord
    * (The State and Revolution, by V.I. Lenin)
    * ("Left-Wing" Communism, An Infantile Disorder, by V.I. Lenin)
    * (Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, by V.I. Lenin)
    * (Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism)
    * (The Fundamentals of Marxist-Leninist Philosophy)
    -See Also-

    NOTE: To all forum users wishing to join, have some indication that you are a ML in your profile.

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  • Revolutionary Marxists

    For those with 50 posts or more who acknowledge the need to bring about "the merger of [Marxism] and the worker movement" (Kautsky) and solve the crises of theory

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 26th October 2016 09:43

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    Feel the proletocracy
  • Strategic Studies

    This group was created and intended for the study of strategy and the application of war.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the majority of members on this forum, or perhaps even the majority of people on this planet, are in direct opposition to the politics of military strategists such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Carl von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. However, it is widely agreed upon by strategists and academics alike, that the strategic theories outlined by the people above, are remarkable in terms of correctly applying strategy to the subject and field of war. Therefore, for the purpose of objectiveness, truth, and effectiveness, strategic theories outlined by credited strategists, regardless of politics, shall be accepted as worthy unto this group.

    Unfortunately, strategy is not something synonymous only with Leftism, and such is perhaps the reason why one is living in a Capitalist society at this moment. One may argue that strategy is an academic field which has not been studied or prioritized enough in terms of helping to advance the cause of Socialism. However, hopefully, what I am sure we can collectively agree upon, is that strategy is certainly an academic field which can help at least in a minimal way in terms of advancing the cause of the liberation of the working class, if not taking such a cause to a much superior stage.

    One would like this Strategic Studies group to be active in discussion and analysis on the subject of war and strategy. Promotion of criticism is requested, nonetheless accepted. Albeit, with that, please accept constructive criticism in response.
    The intention of this group is to broaden ones understanding and knowledge of Strategy, as a means to help those who suffer overwhelmingly; The Working Class.
    Once more, I welcome feedback, particularly in reference to improving this group. But please, do so through the use of private messaging.

    As somebody who is in the process of creating a Strategic Studies society at ones university, and somebody who will be studying Strategy at a different university next year, I invite all who are interested, regardless of politics, to help with my forthcoming challenges, whether it be physically or simply through vocal advice.

    Whether one may be a Marxist-Leninist, a Trotskyist, an Anarchist, or from the left in opposition to the previous; this group was not created nor intended for theoretical or political discussion, and therefore those pursuing such discussion will be subject to being removed from this group.

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    Last Activity: 22nd October 2016 16:27

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    Mao and Guerrilla Warfare
  • Trotskyist

    No Description

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 22nd October 2016 16:26

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    which affiliation is yours
  • Left Communists

    This is a group for discussing the theory and practice of the left communist movement in the world today, and the lessons of the historical experiences of the world proletariat.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 22nd October 2016 15:54

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    Where's Everyone Gone?
  • Florida Leftist

    This is a group to connect all leftist living in Florida.

    Category: Regional
    Last Activity: 19th October 2016 06:22

    This is a private group.
  • Democratic Confederalism

    For those who support or are interested in Democratic Confederalism, Social Ecology, Communalism, Libertarian Municipalism, Dialectical Naturalism and the Kurdish Liberation Struggle.

    "When the PKK was formed in the 1970s the international ideological and political climate was characterized by the bipolar world of the Cold War and the conflict between the socialist and the capitalist camps. The PKK was inspired at that time by the rise of decolonialization movements all over the world. In this context we tried to find our own way in agreement with the particular situation in our homeland. The PKK never regarded the Kurdish question as a mere problem of ethnicity or nationhood. Rather, we believed, it was the project of liberating the society and democratizing it. These aims increasingly determined our actions since the 1990s."-Abdullah Ocalan,"Democratic Confederalism" p.7

    "Without the repression of the women the repression of the entire society is not conceivable. The sexism within the nation-state society while on the one hand gives the male the maximum power on the other hand turns the society through the woman into the worst colony of all. Hence woman is the historical-society’s colony nation which has reached its worst position within the nation-state. All the power and state ideologies stem from sexist attitudes and behaviour. Woman’s slavery is the most profound and disguised social area where all types of slavery, oppression and colonization are realized. Capitalism and nation-state act in full awareness of this. Without woman’s slavery none of the other types of slavery can exist let alone develop."ibid. p.17

    "Democratic confederalism is open towards other political groups and factions. It is flexible, multi-cultural, anti-monopolistic, and consensus-oriented. Ecology and feminism are central pillars. In the frame of this kind of self-administration an alternative economy will become necessary, which increases the resources of the society instead of exploiting them and thus does justice to the manifold needs of the society." ibid p.21

    Category: Tendencies
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  • Anarchist

    A group for people who identify as anarchists regardless of traditions to discuss theory, history and practice.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 16th October 2016 19:01

    This is a private group.
  • Anarchist Discussion

    Because the "Anarchists" group requires you to identify as an anarchist to be a member and post, this group is for both Anarchists and Non-Anarchists alike to read about and discuss Anarchism.

    Last Activity: 14th October 2016 17:33

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  • Luxemburgists

    For all those who identify as Luxemburgists or are influenced by Rosa Luxemburg and her writings and actions.

    Category: Tendencies
    Last Activity: 14th October 2016 16:51

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    Anarchism and Luxemburgism