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  • Non-Doctrinaire Stalinists

    This group is for Stalinists who do not subscribe to a particular doctrine or "ism". If you are an "Anti-Revisionist," Revisionist, Maoist, Khruschevite, Hoxhaist, Titoist, Brezhnevite, Juche-ist or one of a million other doctrinal "ists", this group is not for you. However, if you recognize that even a blind squirrel can find a theoretical nut, or have no qualms about slaughtering your own sacred cows, or really understand what Stalin meant when he said, "You're not Stalin and I'm not Stalin. Stalin is Soviet power. Stalin is what he is in the newspapers and the portraits, not you, not even me", then you might just be a non-doctrinaire stalinist. Group members must be able to agree with the Non-Doctrinaire Stalinist Credo.

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  • Reforge the Fourth International!

    From the 1994 declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement:

    "In 1984, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement was founded, grouping together the nucleus of the Maoist revolutionaries the world over who were determined to carry forward the fight for a world without exploitation and oppression, without imperialism, a world in which the very division of society into classes will be overcome - the communist world of the future. Since the formation of our Movement we have continued to advance and today, on the occasion of the Mao Tsetung Centenary, with a deep sense of our responsibility, we declare to the international proletariat and the oppressed masses of the world that our guiding ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism"

    For years the Revolutionary Internationalist movement served as the focal point for the Internationalist Communist movement, playing an important role in the re-emergence of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist world wide until it was sabotaged by Avakianite revisionism and Prachandist neo-revisionism. We support the tradition of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and the effort of the (New)Communist party of Italy and the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan of rebuilding the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

    Re-forge the Fourth International!

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  • Organic Centralist

    For those who understand that a revolutionary, restrictive, centralized Vanguard is necessary, that Democracy is not a principle and is at best a means to an end, for those who freely admit they fight for Proletarian Dictatorship and not "Proletarian Democracy."

    For those who realize that all systems are inherently "totalitarian" and thus it is a meaningless buzzword, such as "anti authoritarianism." For those who realize that the working class, and that the working class party, should exercise the maximum control over society during the Revolutionary Dictatorship of the Proletariat, purging any and all counter-revolutionary tendencies (tendency being used in the broadest sense of the word). For those who realize that the proletariat must be "authoritarian" towards the Bourgeoisie.

    "The Left historically tried, without breaking from the principle of world centralised discipline, to give revolutionary battle – although defensive – while keeping the vanguard proletariat intact from any collusion with the middle classes, their parties and their doomed-to- defeat ideologies. Having even the historical chance of saving, if not the revolution, at least the core of its historical party, being missed, it has today begun all over again, in a torpid and indifferent objective situation, within a proletariat infected to the bone by petty-bourgeois democratism. But the dawning organism, by utilising the whole of the doctrinal and praxis-based tradition – as confirmed by the historical verification of timely expectations – puts it into effect also with its everyday action; it pursues the aim of re-establishing an always wider contact with the exploited masses, and it eliminates from its structure one of the starting errors of the Moscow International, by getting rid of democratic centralism and of any voting mechanism, as well as every last member eliminating from his ideology any concession to democratoid, pacifist, autonomist or libertarian trends."

    However organic centralism itself implies a lot more than mere rejection of Democratic centralism. It implies the necessity of the program, of the invariance of Marxism, criticism of form over content, dynamic view on class, an acknowledgement that the class must act as a single entity (organism if you will) acting in one harmonious good, not caring about being authoritarian etc. The necessity of the program implies the necessity of a totalitarian state aparatus that is animated by the party. The dynamic understanding of the class and of the invariant program itself shows the concepts of the historical and formal party, which itself informs our view on activism. Organicism itself acknowledges communism is the human community and of the destruction of politics. In addition this "organic centralism means purge dissent" is really just a strawman*. You can find this in Bordigas speech at the 6th comintern and in "communist organization and disclipline." The rome theses discusses the organic nature of the party yet the party was Democratic at the time. While today organic centralism denies voting mechanism, it did not always, it simply uses the form that, when taking into account the context of things as they are, allows the party to operate in a way that allows its organic unity to dominate. Not a Dictatorship of the base (democratism) nor of the center (stalinism - though this may be necessary for a temporary amount of time) but a dictatorship of the program, a harmony between top, middle, and bottom.

    "If it is only a minority of the class that is actually acting as a class for itself then it is only this minority that can be supported by the communists."

    This is a group for those who already identify as organic centralists.

    If you would like to learn more about Organic Centralism and Revolutionary Totalitarianism, perhaps these are the places to look:

    *Lenin's formula "Freedom of Discussion, Unity of Action" (and his explanation of this formula) is correct, and one of the defining points on how "dissent" should be dealt with and how the dissenters interact with the rest of the party. The party is a voluntary organization, ideally one is free to leave and join at their own choosing, but sometimes it will be necessary to expel certain elements of the party, and it must be remembered the history of communism is the history of splits: our principles are defined by the communist movement and it would be the utmost error to opportunistly betray them (Engels and Lenin both spoke of this), communists must be intransigent.

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  • Orthodox Trotskyism

    Orthodox Trotskyism, so called by both adherents and detractors, is a political current within the broader Trotskyist movement that bases itself on the work of Leon Trotsky and his associates, such as James P. Cannon, who advanced Marxist theory in the direction indicated by Trotsky's work, in opposition to the revisionist theories of Pablo, Shachtman, Cliff and others. Orthodox Trotskyists emphasise the analysis, first outlined by Trotsky, of the Soviet Union as a degenerated workers' state, of the Stalinist bureaucracy as a contradictory stratum, and of the present epoch of the class struggle as being characterised by a deep crisis of leadership that can only be resolved by forging, on a firm basis, a Fourth International of revolutionary Bolsheviks-Leninists. This group is for adherents to the orthodox Trotskyist line, and every comrade who is interested in orthodox Trotskyist theory.

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  • Freudo-Marxism

    Freudo-Marxism is a loose designation of several forms of critical theory that attempt to synthesize the philosophy and critique of political economy of Karl Marx with the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud.

    The beginnings of Freudo-Marxist theorizing took place in the 1920s in Germany and the Soviet Union. The Soviet philosopher V. Yurinets and the Freudian analyst Siegfried Bernfeld both discussed the topic. The Soviet linguist Valentin Voloshinov, a member of the Bakhtin circle, began a Marxist critique of psychoanalysis in his 1925 article "Beyond the Social", which he developed more substantially in his book Freudianism: A Marxist Critique (1927). In 1929 Dialectical Materialism and Psychoanalysis by Wilhelm Reich was published, both in German and in Russian in the bilingual communist theory journal Unter dem Banner des Marxismus. As the end of this line of thought can be considered Otto Fenichel's article Psychoanalysis as the nucleus of a future dialectical-materialistic psychology which appeared in 1934 in Wilhelm Reich's Journal Zeitschrift für Politische Psychologie und Sexualökonomie. One member of the Berlin group of Marxist psychoanalysts around Wilhelm Reich was Erich Fromm, who later brought Freudo-Marxist ideas into the exiled Frankfurt School led by Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno.

    The Frankfurt School (the "Institut für Sozialforschung") took up the task of choosing what parts of Marx's thought might serve to clarify social conditions which Marx himself had never seen. They drew on other schools of thought to fill in Marx's perceived omissions. Max Weber exerted a major influence, as did Sigmund Freud. In the institute's extensive Studien über Authorität und Familie (ed. Max Horkheimer, Paris 1936) Erich Fromm was the author of the social-psychological part. Another new member of the institute was Herbert Marcuse, who became famous only during the 1950s in the USA.

    Jacques Lacan was a philosophically sophisticated French psychoanalyst, whose perspective came to predominate in French psychiatry and psychology. Lacan saw himself as loyal to and rescuing Freud's legacy. Lacan's influence has created a new cross-fertilisation of Freudian and Marxist ideas.

    Marx's theory of commodity fetishism has proven fertile material for work by other theorists since Marx, who have added to, adapted, or, as Marxist orthodoxy might see it, 'vulgarized' the original concept. Freud's well-known but unrelated theory of sexual fetishism led to new interpretations of commodity fetishism, as types of sexually charged relationships between a person and a manufactured object.

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    Freudo-Marxist Resources
  • Ultraleft

    Created so I could put it as my tendency.

    Also unions are shit.

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    Haters gonna hate
  • Marxist-Humanist Initiative

    Marxist-Humanist Initiative (MHI) began in April 2009, following the collapse of previous Marxist-Humanist organizations. It aims to contribute to the transformation of this capitalist world by projecting, developing, and concretizing the philosophy of Karl Marx (1818-1883) and its further development in the Marxist-Humanism articulated by Raya Dunayevskaya (1910-1987).

    We are not a political party. Nor are we trying to lead the masses, who will form their own organizations, and whose emancipation must be their own act. But we have seen that spontaneous actions alone are insufficient to usher in a new society. We seek a new unity of philosophy and organization in which mass movements striving for freedom lay hold of Marx’s philosophy of revolution and recreate society on its basis.

    Today’s economic crisis and recession present a moment to engage people in discussion of these ideas. MHI is dedicated to the task of proving theoretically that an alternative to capitalism is possible. We are distinguished by our economic analyses, which do not merely assert, but demonstrate, that the only opposite to the current world economic system is its abolition and replacement with one not based on the production of “value.” Because capitalism cannot be fundamentally reformed, attempts to reform it lead to an intensification of state-capitalism, not socialism.

    MHI’s ideas and actions, as well as our structure and rules, are guided by the interests of working people and freedom movements of African-Americans and other minorities, women, youth, and all those around the world who are struggling for self-determination in order to freely develop their own human natures. We have no interests separate and apart from theirs. To this end, we open our website to the widest possible dialogue with people around the world. We intend to practice, as well as espouse, a two-way road between our organization and people outside it as essential to developing a single dialectic in the relationship of theory to practice — and as the way to assure the survival of Marxist-Humanism.

    Our collective is working to create an organization so firmly rooted in its philosophy that it will not succumb to diversions that may arise from personal agendas, and that will be capable of developing and concretizing that philosophy over the long haul, regardless of who its members may be. It is no simple matter to create a democratic organization that is at the same time effective and able to resist efforts to divert it from its goals. We are aware that Marx never achieved an organization based on his philosophy, and that Dunayevskaya´s organization disintegrated following her death. But we have made progress on this matter, with our Principles and By-Laws, and by recognizing that Marxist-Humanism cannot be carried on by chance, or by individuals alone. An organization is needed to test and prove ideas. We invite all to join us in this discussion and initiative.

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  • Class Traitors

    Group for class unconscious proletarians who don't believe they are in chains.

    also: I (Remus) made this group not because i am a class traitor but because one wanted to have a rl group.

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    destroy statistical marxism
  • Stalinism

    For those who are pro-Stalin.

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    Introduction to Stalinism
  • Stalinists

    For every one that follows Stalin's doctrine.

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    University under Joseph Stalin

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  • Against the European Union

    For all the leftists who understand that the EU is just a capitalist union disguised in anticommunist,capitalist and imperialist propaganda and that it requires the workers to be exploited and the capitalists to be comfortable.

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  • Marxist-Leninists

    Marxism-Leninism is the theory and practice of the Communists, who uphold the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin in the struggle for proletarian revolution, the construction of socialism, and the triumph of communism on a world scale. It is the scientific ideology of the working-class and its vanguard which accomplish these aims.

    Marxism-Leninism bases itself on historical and dialectical materialism, taking into account the objective material conditions existant in each country and region. It supports just struggles against imperialism and neo-colonialism whose victories are guaranteed through the leading role of the working-class in said struggles. It supports internationalism as the guiding basis of the foreign policy of the socialist state and in the approach to inter-imperialist conflicts. Marxist-Leninists fight for both democratic and socialist demands and, where necessary in the world, carry out any bourgeois-democratic tasks in tandem with the uninterrupted move over into the socialist revolution.

    Marxism-Leninism is hostile to opportunism and revisionism within the working-class movement. The struggles waged by Marx and Engels against Lassalle and other petty-bourgeois "socialists," and the struggles waged by Lenin and Stalin against Bernsteinism, Menshevism, Kautskyism, Bukharinism, Trotskyism and other revisionist and renegade trends within the working-class movement, constituted both the defense of Marxism and its creative development, opposing both "left" and right-wing deviations.

    The Soviet Union under the leadership of J.V. Stalin witnessed the construction of socialism being completed in the main. After his death, however, a new trend became ascendant: that of Khrushchevite revisionism, which worked to restore capitalism and transform the foreign policy of the USSR into that of a social-imperialist power, "socialism in words, imperialism in deeds" as Lenin described the term. The 20th Party Congress of the CPSU in 1956 was a pivotal event in the rise of modern revisionism.

    The doctrines of Soviet revisionism carried over into almost all the Eastern European states; Comecon and the Warsaw Treaty were transformed into instruments of neo-colonialism and military intervention on the part of Soviet revisionism in the affairs of member-countries. Various anti-imperialist and anti-colonial revolutions in Cuba, Angola and elsewhere were soon shackled to Soviet social-imperialism owing to the treachery of their local leaderships who came from and represented the national bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeois classes employing "socialist" rhetoric.

    Marxism-Leninism remains the ideology of the working-class by virtue of its scientific content and objective merits in the epoch of imperialism and the decay of capitalism.

    =Reading List=
    * (for the very basics)
    * (History of the CPSU(B) Short Course, which outlines the development of Leninism, the road to the October Revolution, and the construction of socialism in the USSR.)
    * (The Foundations of Leninism, by J.V. Stalin)
    * (The State and Revolution, by V.I. Lenin)
    * ("Left-Wing" Communism, An Infantile Disorder, by V.I. Lenin)
    * (Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, by V.I. Lenin)
    * (Marxism and the National Question, by J.V. Stalin)
    * (a polemic contrasting peaceful coexistence under Lenin and Stalin and its distortion by Soviet revisionism.)
    * (another polemic denouncing Soviet revisionism)
    * (Marxist Philosophy)
    * (Political Economy)

    NOTE: To all forum users wishing to join, have some indication that you are a ML in your profile.

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  • Impossibilists

    Impossibilism is a theory and strategy for bringing about socialism and an interpretation of Marxism that stresses the limited value of political, economic and social reforms within a capitalist economy. It argues that pursuing such reforms is counterproductive as they only strengthen support for the existing system and thereby work to ensure the continuation of the capitalist system, or at the least, impossibilism argues that such reforms are irrelevant to the realization of socialism and should not be a major concern for socialists.

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  • Bordiga Literati

    For anyone who wants to read, analyze, and see how the works of Bordiga and others closely related to Bordiga and Bordigism apply to our current world and situations. This group is open to all, whether critical, neutral, or supportive of Amadeo Bordiga's ideas and views.

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  • East Coast / Southern Leftists

    Networking group for those in new england to the dirty south.

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  • Neo-Marxism

    Neo-Marxism isn't a dogmatic tendency, but a continuation of of contributing to Marxist thought and practice. For those of us who see the need to create new theories and practices in Marxism to combat the face that Capitalism has taken in our own time. Neo-Liberalism, Transnational Corporations, the IMF, Dependency, etc. all need to be adressed and fought.The same way the great thinkers of the past contributed to Marxism so must we! To not build off their ideas and continue to progress Marxism as those great thinkers have done is a betrayal of their efforts. We refuse to dishonor our comrades gone by leaving Marxism and it's practice stagnate!

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    The 'Neo' in Our Name
  • Marxist-Leninist-Maoist

    Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, as based mainly on the teachings of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Iosef Stalin and Mao Zedong, is the highest qualitative stage of Marxism so far and is the guiding ideology of revolutionaries the world over who carry forward the fight for a world free of all class distinctions, all exploitative production relations, all oppressive social relations, and all corresponding, reactionary ideas - the communist world of the future. Basic Marxist-Leninist principles were implemented successfully, though with shortcomings, in the Soviet Union during the leadership of Lenin and Stalin, but it was the experience of socialist construction and the 'Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution' in the People's Republic of China under Mao however that heralded 'Mao Tse-Tung Thought' and later 'Maoism' as a new qualitative advancement of Marxism-Leninism. Key principles of Maoism include:

    1. The people's war strategy, i.e. a strategy of mass-based guerilla war principally relying on the exploited social base leading to the encirclement of the more developed areas that profit from the exploitation of that social base.

    2. The mass line, which encompasses four main points: a) learn from the people while leading them, b) serve the people while leading them, c) rely on the people while leading them, and d) practice leadership mainly in the form of guidance rather than commands.

    3. The philosophical, strategic, and tactical approach of identifying the contextual principal contradiction and attacking the contextual main enemy. (Divide and conquer, in other words.)

    4. New democratic revolution and the corresponding strategic block of four classes as the path to sustainable socialism for countries with pre-capitalist modes of production.

    5. Political and cultural revolutions within the proletarian revolution as occasionally necessary.

    Unfortunately, following the lead of the Khrushchovite revisionists who destroyed socialism in the USSR after Stalin's death, after Mao's death the PRC was also taken over by revisionists who revise and betray fundamental principles of Marxism in the interests of capitalism and, like the USSR before it, a once great proletarian state was taken down the path of capitalist restoration and social-imperialism. Because of this, we put particular emphasis on the dangers of revisionism. Despite the defeats of the 20th century, the flame of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is still being kept alive and advanced by the experiences of the countless CPs in the third world waging or preparing for people's war. Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

    (Group description by cmrds mosfeld, red cat, Palingenesis, Marxach-Léinínach, the Hong Se Sun, Siren Bang, scarletghoul and Who?.)

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    This is a private group.
  • Leninists

    A group for every Leninist out there. This group is for all Leninists: Marxist-Leninists, Bolshevik-Leninists (Trotskyist), Maoists, just plain Leninists, and everything under the Leninist banner.

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  • Marxists

    Marx was right.

    Category: Fun
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    This is a private group.
  • Anti-Pacifism Discussion

    This group dedicated to how to form the tactics and ideas on pre, during, or post revolutionary era. We rejects the ideas that peace is the only way that leads to revolution. However, we do not see violence as must, but only if it is necessary.

    All comrades who hated and rejected on pacifism and lifestylism are welcomed.

    Category: Interests
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