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In a few recent posts, I made some rather disparaging remarks about Kim Jong-il. I do want to retract those statements.

I was born in 1972. Communism was still a [B]serious[/B] threat to the capitalists at that time, and, until Gorbachev, it only got worse.

I grew up hearing about the "Evil Empire", ducking under my desk for bomb drills at school, and being completely brainwashed about the wonder of capitalism. In 9th grade, for example, we read Ayn Rand.

My parents were both U.S. Marines. So, the extra brainwashing that came from that source was constant and harsh.

I became a Communist in 1988, after reading a volume of the Selected Works of Kim Il-sung. I eventually came to the works of Lenin, and found that Communism is the best, most complete, system of political thought. Needles to say, it was not a popular choice.

Even though the 1980's were much better than the 1950's, there was still much anti-Communist sentiment (I was nearly expeled from school for wearing a Hammer and Sickle pin), and when hardline Soviet Communists tried to save their Union - it became, at times, violent. I had no internet to turn to, no comrades, and very few books (military bases rarely have well stocked libraries!). So my opinions on North Korea were largely a product of the propaganda of the late 1980's - mid 1990's.

A good Comrade helped me to re-open my mind to the North Korea question - and I've come to the conclusion that I was wrong in my original assessment.


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    FYI: not falling for the propaganda and slander of the US Governments, doesn't mean falling for the equally ridiculous and damaging idea that NK has anything to do with communism or has anything to offer communists apart from a quick execution.