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A World in Rebellion

MEXICO: For a class-conscious & internationalist May Day

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[From the Fracción Trotskista]
[Complete, unofficial translation]

Mexico – May Day
For a class-conscious and internationalist May Day

By LTS-CC, Mexico,
Saturday, April 14, 2012

In defense of our rights, against imperialism and the bosses
Aldo Santos

We oppressed and exploited people of the world commemorate this International Day of the Workers, by confronting a brutal offensive against our rights and social conquests. Imperialism and the bosses want us to continue paying the costs of the economic crisis, that they themselves created, with no end in sight. But, with strikes and mobilizations, increasingly broader groups of workers are beginning to struggle in different countries.

New class battles on the international scene

We workers from different countries, as part of the same international class, do not arrive at this May Day passive.

In recent days, in Greece, the mobilizations and confrontations against the "forces of order," have been revived, after the suicide of a retiree, from desperation, that, in a terrible way, showed the miserable fate to which capitalist irrationality and the plans to save the bosses' profits are leading us.

But what is happening there did not fall from the sky, nor is it an isolated event. Last March 29 in the Spanish state, we saw the big general strike led by the workers and the militant youth.

In several countries of Europe, which have become weak links in the imperialist chain, like Greece and Portugal, groups from the working class and the young people who face an uncertain situation, have, with strikes and mobilizations, for several months now, been resisting the draconian "adjustment" plans, that both "socialist" and conservative governments are enforcing.

Thousands of layoffs, cuts in public spending, more privatizations and a tax hike, against the majority of the population, among other measures, were ordered by imperialism and the international financial organizations, to rescue the bankers and capitalists.

Faced with the dissatisfaction of rank and file workers, the leaders of the main union organizations have been forced to call mobilizations.

Just as in Greece, on the Iberian peninsula the strikes have been widely supported, and the mobilizations have been very massive, but up to now, unfortunately, their leaders have had an impotent policy centered on "negotiating" the reforms, not stopping them altogether.

The arrival on the scene and gradual emergence of the youth and the organized workers' movement in the countries of Europe opens up the possibility that the workers in the imperialist countries will begin to practice fighting, to experiment with their leaderships and think about the need for a solution of their own, to confront the crisis.

European workers have a natural ally in the oppressed and exploited masses of the poor and semi-colonial countries, like those that led the revolutionary processes that put an end to bloodthirsty dictatorships like the ones of Mubarak and Gaddafi in the Arab world.

In spite of having been contained, diverted or manipulated, these processes have still not been shut down, as the rebellion in Syria against the repressive Assad shows.

The dynamic that the international class struggle is acquiring, suggests that the imperialist plans will not advance without the workers waging new and bigger class battles, that will call into question the predatory character of capitalism, of its governments and its agents in the different countries.

The solidarity and internationalist unity of the workers and oppressed peoples is a pressing need and should be a battle-cry this May Day in Mexico and in the world.

In Mexico, we workers are also mobilizing

In our country, there is broad discontent, and groups of workers, along with campesinos, indigenous people, students, social, feminist and human rights' organizations, have been willing to confront the plans of Calderón and the bosses' parties.

In recent months, big strikes and mobilizations of the teachers, electrical workers, Social Security workers, and aeronautical workers, among others, took place, that showed the possibility that the working class will begin to respond in defense of its jobs and labor rights.

Unfortunately, these mobilizations are being led by their own leaderships, with the illusion that the coming elections may serve to give a solution to their demands.

However, as we have explained in other articles of Estrategia Obrera, while the parties of the regime have already formally begun the election race, to settle who will administer the plans of the imperialists and the bosses in the next six years, the government is continuing the attack against the most basic labor and democratic rights.

Wages are being kept as low as possible, and food prices are increasing, while the countryside is devastated, and the food and agriculture transnationals speculate on the people's hunger.

Foreign mining companies are looting natural resources and seek to strip the indigenous communities of their lands, at the same time that the government is draining Pemex, to justify a bigger surrender of the energy industry to imperialism.

Meanwhile, the militarization of the country continues, as does repression against the social movements and militants.

Soldiers and cops are murdering and abusing the civilian population with impunity, while the parties impose anti-democratic and pro-clerical legal reforms.

We workers are suffering unemployment, layoffs and job insecurity, while the "pro-government" unions, affiliated with the CTM or the Congreso del Trabajo, do not move a finger and are backing all the anti-worker plans.

For his part, Calderón continues his attack on the workers' organizations that are not lining up behind his plans, but the union bureaucracy, that claims to be in "opposition," like the one that leads the UNT, the Miners' Union and the SME, refuses to mobilize consistently and is passively betting on the election outcome. Far from that, on the contrary, it is essential that we workers and young people respond at the level of this attack, and this May Day we must stand up.

For a workers' alternative to confront the crisis

Throughout the world, capitalism continues to show that it can only offer greater hardships for the workers and the people. The working class and its allies face the challenge of getting organized and fighting to defend their rights and to prevent further attacks on their already precarious living conditions. Therefore, with an internationalist and anti-imperialist perspective, we must seek the unity of all the struggles against the power of those who oppress and exploit us.

In our country, the task at hand is to unify the demands and the struggle in the streets against the plans of the government and the bosses' parties.

We must avoid falling into the trap of voting for any of these bosses' parties in these elections, where we workers do not have our own candidates, and we must consistently mobilize with class independence. This involves confronting the policy of the union leaderships, that refuse to struggle and seek to "reconcile" workers with our class enemies.

In order to fight for our own interests and those of the oppressed majorities of the countryside and the city, it is necessary to take firm steps for the building of the workers' own political tool, a revolutionary party, nationally and internationally, that will be able to lead the upcoming battles successfully, with a socialist perspective that aims at ending exploitation and poverty, once and for all. This is the perspective for which we are fighting, from the Liga de Trabajadores por el Socialismo, in the workers', students' and youth movement; we invite you to march together this May Day and join our ranks.

April 14, 2012

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