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Why the U.S fights Communism

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The U.S fights communism because of one thing, and thats because communism fights free enterprise. If the Domino Theory actually happened, the United States would have less global trade. Therefore, there would be less profit coming in for the big corporations, and the politics that get some of the profit.
Now look at the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. The USA tried to stop the spread of communism over fascism, and why?, because fascism has aspects of capitalism. "So what if there establishing a police state run by dictators that take away peoples freedom and rights, they have forms of capitalism and free enterprise !! "- American capitalist/politician.
This is what it has come down to people, the big green dollar, the corporate elite, and their buddies in Washington stomping anything and anyone who opposes their ways of exploiting the masses and stuffing their piggy banks, while the rest starve and beg for more. They portray over and over how bad the communists are, "trying to take away the land and rights away from people". But really while they brain wash us all into believing what they say, they swim in pools of profit, after once again they beat down the Red Man who is really fighting for whats right.


  1. LeftWingMexicano's Avatar
    Agreed! The Capitalist Pigs can never get enough! They only grow more powerful and wealthy at the expense of the common lower classe. It is time to rise and to take back what is ours! It's a matter of time before the general public starts to be aware of the acts of cruelity to not only to us as citizens but to other lower nations as well! The greedy bastards must die.
  2. Bolshevik_Guerilla_1917's Avatar
    I am so glad that I found a place like this where I can actually find people like me !!!
  3. LeftWingMexicano's Avatar
    Yes, I only know a few fellow communist. But I think i am the most open and radical about it.
  4. Bolshevik_Guerilla_1917's Avatar
    Me to I cant find antone like you and I around where I live.
  5. Bolshevik_Guerilla_1917's Avatar


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