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Paying for somthing you already own-( Land Taxes )

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Land taxes is just a landlord, bourgeoisie tactic of making money and taking control over the population. Why should citizens who own lan have to keep paying for it ?
The reasons why settlers came to this country includes owning land, and now many years later, they turned into the tyrants they fled from. The American citizens own no land, even though you supposably own the land, you dont! Why do you think the govt. established Eminent Domain.
In certain states such as New York, you have to have a permit in certain cities and counties just to build a little shed !! And if you dont, and the govt. finds out, you get hit with fines and possible imprisonment if you mak a stand by not paying for those fines.
If you pay for the land, you should be able to do as you please on YOUR land. BUT oh wait thats right, its not yours its the governments land, and do you wanna know why ? Its because you pay land taxes, they have Eminent Domain, and you have to have permits to build a fuckin deck.


  1. LeftWingMexicano's Avatar
    You post very good example that I can use to spread the word of communism. We must exploit the capitalist pigs as they have been doing to us. Fuck the system~
    Viva La Revolution!
  2. Bolshevik_Guerilla_1917's Avatar
    Damn I like you, I need more friends like you


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