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Capitalism and reason

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First of all, this is going to be somewhat shorter than my other posts, so hold on there.

Today, once again, I heard the "rational" defence for capitalism. It basically states that capitalism is the reasonable choice, that it is scientific and understandable through common sense. At the same time all left-wingers are usually portrayed as some overtly emotional utopians.

Both views are, quite obviously, false. The left wing is clearly the most reasonable and scientific approach. No right-wing author has ever brought forth a theory that is simultaneously coherent and based on objective observations on the material world. Left-wing politics, however, are practically based on such theories completely. Not only are they prevalent in left-wing politics, but they are also constantly updated and progressing. The same cannot be said of the right wing, which as a political movement is basically a huge apology for an economical theory that has not been successfully updated since the 19th century.

As to the "logic" and "common sense" of the right wing: a logic that completely ignores human values and human emotions is not entirely good logic now is it? And what is this "science" which actively ignores statistics and clear observations that show capitalism as the philosophical remnant of the 19th century which it is? These are not trivial errors! Humans are what make the society, and we are what the society is for! Ignoring something so important is not a mistake made by an objective and reasonable person!

This quite clear mistake in the conservative logic is so outrageous I will not even bother myself with the details. I will just leave it here and hope someone will gain some sort of sick pleasure from my aggression.


  1. Property Is Robbery's Avatar
    I will just leave it here and hope someone will gain some sort of sick pleasure from my aggression.
    I like that line


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