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  1. It's smooth sailing from here. Looking forward from here on in.. Don't you just wanna shot me? I'm worried about you tho!
  2. Life's good. Except school. I think i will fail more than one classe. DAMN! :P How about you?
  3. Yeah.. How's life Lil?
  4. That's too bad. I just hope Charest gets kicked out. Though, the person who will replace him will not necessarily be on our side.
  5. Hey lil rougie. I know.. The students are becoming disillusioned?
  6. Hey dude! What's up? The students movement is slowly vanishing...
  7. You play Reach?
  8. Le rouge uses *evade*
  9. Hey Le Rouge.. Nice briefcase you got there..

  10. Oh gawd. I am a bourgie now? Ok then... GET BACK TO WORK YOU LAZY PIG!
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