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Conversation Between Leftsolidarity and TheGodlessUtopian
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  1. Leftsolidarity
    14th January 2013 21:06
  2. TheGodlessUtopian
    14th January 2013 21:03
    Hey congratulations dude! Awesome to see you got the spot!
  3. Leftsolidarity
    28th May 2012 02:47
    You should read my new blog and tell me what you think about that
  4. TheGodlessUtopian
    25th May 2012 21:12
    Dude, you have to go onto my FB profile and look at a topic which starts with me saying something about Lenin.There you will see a Ron Paul freak arguing with a APL great entertainment.
  5. TheGodlessUtopian
    22nd May 2012 23:12
    Ah, so still in that approval/education process I guess. Well, it will end eventually (just gotta write an ultra long, dense paper which coincides completely with the party line, that will get their attention).
  6. Leftsolidarity
    22nd May 2012 23:09
    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just editted that because I was sick of having the long stuff on there. Nothing irl has changed unfortunately haha
  7. TheGodlessUtopian
    22nd May 2012 20:36
    *happy gasp* ...I see you are no longer on the education list and have gotten rid of the SPUSA part.
  8. TheGodlessUtopian
    9th May 2012 18:26
    Thread created, thanks for the great idea!
  9. Leftsolidarity
    9th May 2012 18:00
    Cool, I figured I'd let you think of how to actually carry it out. I don't know if it's a good idea or not but I thought it might be worth trying.
  10. TheGodlessUtopian
    9th May 2012 17:58
    That would be a nice idea... let me do some preliminary brainstorming on that than I will sticky it in the Discrimination sub-forum on a trial basis (see if it gets much exposure).

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