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Conversation Between Le Socialiste and TheGodlessUtopian
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  1. TheGodlessUtopian
    9th September 2012 20:12
    Life situation changed so I probably won't have enough time to administer RevLeft like before so I thought it best I resign and avoid clogging up the system.
  2. Le Socialiste
    9th September 2012 20:09
    Le Socialiste
    Your name's purple - what happened?
  3. TheGodlessUtopian
    15th July 2012 17:07
    Thank you for the greetings
  4. Le Socialiste
    15th July 2012 04:30
    Le Socialiste
    Happy Birthday, and congrats on the 'promotion'.
  5. TheGodlessUtopian
    4th December 2011 20:01
    Thank you.sorry for not sending it with the original message.
  6. Le Socialiste
    4th December 2011 19:55
    Le Socialiste
    I would, but I don't know what it's called...could you send me a link?

    Edit: nevermind, I found it.
  7. TheGodlessUtopian
    4th December 2011 19:29
    I made a usergroup to promote the continuation of forum games.Will you join please?
  8. TheGodlessUtopian
    19th March 2011 20:11
    I see,sounds cool. I usually write science fiction and politics. With anything that doesn't have to do with modern movements, such as fantasy, I usually have some small hints of politics mixed in, but is usually focused on the plot.
  9. Le Socialiste
    18th March 2011 21:11
    Le Socialiste
    It varies. Lately I've been delving into political theories, as well as specific camps within the socialist movement. Some of it is for personal reference/use, but a lot of it I share with others who are interested. Aside from that, I enjoy writing - whether it be in the form of a short story, poem, or any longer piece of work. Some of it definitely concerns political/social events and tendencies, but most of it is just about things that I take interest in or some spontaneous/intriguing idea.
  10. TheGodlessUtopian
    18th March 2011 20:04
    What material do you write? Just political or all sorts?

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