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Conversation Between Magón and Quail
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  1. Quail
    16th April 2011 00:50
    There is a fairly big anarchist scene here, so maybe it's all of us being on here that makes Sheffield seem so big I wouldn't worry too much about the CCTV cameras. I personally cover my face on a lot of demos, but I think I can be a bit over-paranoid. As long as you're not doing anything dodgy, you'll be fine without covering your face generally though. Also, I think London is the worst place for CCTV. It's not quite so bad in smaller towns/cities.
  2. Magón
    16th April 2011 00:24
    Huh? Must be the whole Anarchist scene there then, that makes me think it's such a large place? Most of the time when I speak or see someone's from there, they're an Anarchist. Guess I'll have to check it out sometime when I get those $$$'s and my passport renewed. Only problem with England and the UK in general, is all those cameras. :/
  3. Quail
    15th April 2011 16:35
    It's not that big a place. There are a quite a few people I know on this website actually. There seem to be a lot of anarchists here (and trots, unfortunately). It's a nice place though, I really like it,
  4. Magón
    15th April 2011 04:02
    Is Sheffield a big place in Britain? For some reason, whenever I see someone's from Britain on the internet, their originally from Sheffield, or they moved there, it's always Sheffield. Also, apparently some friends of a special friend of mine (who's not from Sheffield), are from Sheffield. Sounds like a big ass place?
  5. Quail
    15th March 2011 19:39
    I wasn't thinking about that when I changed my name. I just wanted a name that isn't my real name.
  6. Magón
    14th March 2011 02:15
    I just realized your name change parallels the same species of bird, that California has as it's state bird. So in essence, I'm sorry.
  7. Quail
    26th October 2010 06:40

    Had more than half of this
  8. Magón
    26th October 2010 06:39
    Try saying that after having half of this... with the Worm.
  9. Quail
    26th October 2010 06:32
    Oh my words are never skurred!
  10. Magón
    26th October 2010 06:30
    Well least your words aren't slurred this time. But I get like that sometimes too.

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