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  1. you must be thrilled
  2. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the economy in a transitional period. Rest assured, this doesn't have to do with party politics or Third World politics. I was wondering if you could reproduce your extensive Learning post on Khrushchev in Economics or Theory.
  3. I need a job, and ideally one I could transfer to California, if I want to move.
  4. BTW, you're still in Florida?
  5. My big-time apologies then (just read the wiki on the sexism).
  6. There's a reason I related the literal relationship between Evita and Marianismo, its ideological content was entirely socially reactionary, in my view, not at all attacking the sacred cows of existing Catholic cultural hegemony.
  7. So as not to detract from the nationalization thread:

    "Obscene Peronist messianism (those portraits of "Evita" beside the Virgin Mary make me sick)"

    In certain Third World programmatic conditions such personality cults can be quite useful, though I'm much more of the exact theological opposite: "We have no king but Caesar"
  8. I didn't get my info on the Internet. I got it from a space program documentary on TV a decade ago.
  9. Singer? You mean that bankrupt "preference utilitarianism" guy?

    I have an alternative re. the abortion debate:
  10. I thought he knew better.
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