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Conversation Between Lenina Rosenweg and Die Neue Zeit
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  1. Die Neue Zeit
    29th December 2011 06:41
    Die Neue Zeit
    While you haven't been as hysterical as others towards over-the-top polemic, there's history and then there's the present:

    [That is, if you're willing to consider the issues of crime and punishment more seriously.]
  2. Die Neue Zeit
    13th October 2011 13:58
    Die Neue Zeit
    On the progressive nature of Breakthrough Military Coups:
  3. Lenina Rosenweg
    15th August 2011 01:55
    Lenina Rosenweg
    Hey no problem. Didn't mean to come on overly harsh. I've been guilty of thread derailment myself.I enjoy your posts, I just wanted to focus on the current US economy.
  4. Die Neue Zeit
    11th August 2011 03:02
    Die Neue Zeit
    I'll shut up then.
  5. Die Neue Zeit
    30th May 2011 01:45
    Die Neue Zeit
    Nice cartoon av you have. Where's it from?
  6. Die Neue Zeit
    4th September 2010 04:59
    Die Neue Zeit
    Injecting more Kautsky into Stalin, if you're interested:
  7. Lenina Rosenweg
    11th August 2010 05:57
    Lenina Rosenweg
    The anime figure by my posts was just something I got off youtube. I looked up "communist anime" and that's all I came up with. I'm thinking of changing it. The one in the message board is Utena Tenjou. She's called Revolution Girl, although this has no connection w/politics. She's portrayed as a tomboy and models herself after a prince. I think she's cool.
  8. Die Neue Zeit
    11th August 2010 05:09
    Die Neue Zeit
    What's with the anime, by the way?

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