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Conversation Between x371322 and L.A.P.
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  1. L.A.P.
    13th January 2011 23:57
    shit that sucks, but they do have a point.
  2. x371322
    13th January 2011 23:51
    Admins deleted it. Said they didn't want any activities getting traced back to RevLeft.
  3. L.A.P.
    13th January 2011 23:39
    What happened to "Operation Net Invasion"?
  4. x371322
    26th November 2010 17:28
    Well yeah I guess I could do that. I'll get right on it.
  5. L.A.P.
    25th November 2010 17:20
    Hey man, since you're the moderator for Operation Net Invasion as a humble suggestion I think you should make it a moderated group. Because people seem to be just joining and not at all contributing so it would be kind of pointless to have them as members and it would kind of send a message that you actually have to do something to be a member. So far, only you, WeAreReborn, and I are pretty much the only active members of that group.

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