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Conversation Between ComradeMan and red cat
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  1. ComradeMan
    22nd April 2011 22:03
    Yes- also heard something strange, along with two friends. A couple of experiences that I cannot explain. Who knows?
  2. red cat
    22nd April 2011 22:02
    red cat
    You saw or felt something ?
  3. ComradeMan
    22nd April 2011 22:00
    Well, phantom experiences. Nothing horrible- but "eerie".
  4. red cat
    22nd April 2011 21:59
    red cat
    Strange experiences like what, if you don't mind telling ?
  5. ComradeMan
    22nd April 2011 21:57
    Let us say I have had some strange experiences. I don't believe in things like Ghost Hunters though!
  6. red cat
    21st April 2011 20:28
    red cat
    Seriously, do you ?
  7. ComradeMan
    18th April 2011 12:44
    Do you believe in life after love?
  8. red cat
    18th April 2011 07:13
    red cat
    Do you believe in ghosts ?
  9. ComradeMan
    25th January 2011 20:16
    The fact that there are rules... who or what decided those rules before the Big Bang?
    Of course it depends on your definition of "God" I suppose. However the idea that perhaps the universe is the organism, or the sentient being is challenging yet interesting. By the way, I am not trying to convince you- just explaining....
  10. red cat
    25th January 2011 16:41
    red cat
    Okay, but just because each of these absurd things are a possibility, you don't remain undecided on them, do you ?

    Again, firstly, what you call mathematical organization boils down to very simple rules on which mathematics and physics are based. Secondly, I would say that the universe is far too badly organized to have an intelligent force behind it . And lastly, even if the universe was mathematically organized in a much better manner, that still would not imply the existence of god.

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