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Conversation Between Joe Hill's Ghost and Lamanov
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  1. Joe Hill's Ghost
    21st August 2008 20:30
    Joe Hill's Ghost
    I mean that everything falls into a very mechanistic economic analysis. For example they talk about Islam emerging as a religion because it fit within the arab merchant class's desire to develop trade routes. Call me an idealist, but there's a bit more interplay between ideas and material reality than that.

    Could you link me to that yugoslav article? I'm pretty desperate for good analysis of the yugoslav system.
  2. Lamanov
    21st August 2008 20:18
    I've read articles on Decadence, State Capitalism and Yugoslavia, and they're very good. I'm not sure what you mean by "Marxist reductionism".
  3. Joe Hill's Ghost
    21st August 2008 01:31
    Joe Hill's Ghost
    I'm curious. Noticed you posted that Aufheben article, what's your view of their other stuff? I enjoy aufheben a lot but it seems to veer into marxist reductionism at times.

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