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Conversation Between Joe Hill's Ghost and Die Neue Zeit
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  1. Joe Hill's Ghost
    20th August 2008 05:21
    Joe Hill's Ghost
    go to the CC, drosera started the thread about it
  2. Die Neue Zeit
    20th August 2008 05:00
    Die Neue Zeit
    Editor caper???
  3. Joe Hill's Ghost
    19th August 2008 17:23
    Joe Hill's Ghost
    Seems like even my comments were struck by the editor caper
  4. Joe Hill's Ghost
    12th August 2008 07:00
    Joe Hill's Ghost
    Stop reinventing the wheel!
  5. Die Neue Zeit
    12th August 2008 05:34
    Die Neue Zeit
    I'll submit sometime this weekend, then. BTW, do you think the anarchist AK would be a good fall-back option? For some reason I prefer them over the Cliffite Haymarket Books (Cliffite economism).
  6. Joe Hill's Ghost
    12th August 2008 05:14
    Joe Hill's Ghost
    They all "emphasize" stuff, but they publish across the spectrum.
  7. Die Neue Zeit
    12th August 2008 05:03
    Die Neue Zeit
    I still have your PM, but for example one of the publishers emphasizes feminist works. Maybe you can contact Verso for me.
  8. Joe Hill's Ghost
    12th August 2008 05:00
    Joe Hill's Ghost
    Well isn't more about getting it published?
  9. Die Neue Zeit
    12th August 2008 04:50
    Die Neue Zeit
    Verso hasn't responded yet. I dunno why (unless the improbable has happened: my mail landed in their spam can - but that's impossible, since I contacted them earlier).

    The other ones that you mentioned seem too liberal or single-issue to me.
  10. Joe Hill's Ghost
    12th August 2008 04:47
    Joe Hill's Ghost
    Any luck with finding a publisher?

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