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  1. go to the CC, drosera started the thread about it
  2. Editor caper???
  3. Seems like even my comments were struck by the editor caper
  4. Stop reinventing the wheel!
  5. I'll submit sometime this weekend, then. BTW, do you think the anarchist AK would be a good fall-back option? For some reason I prefer them over the Cliffite Haymarket Books (Cliffite economism).
  6. They all "emphasize" stuff, but they publish across the spectrum.
  7. I still have your PM, but for example one of the publishers emphasizes feminist works. Maybe you can contact Verso for me.
  8. Well isn't more about getting it published?
  9. Verso hasn't responded yet. I dunno why (unless the improbable has happened: my mail landed in their spam can - but that's impossible, since I contacted them earlier).

    The other ones that you mentioned seem too liberal or single-issue to me.
  10. Any luck with finding a publisher?
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