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  1. Good deal mate
  2. Eh, I kind of want to go to America, but not so much as I want to go to Europe. But if I ever do get to go to America, i'll hit you up asap.
  3. understood mate. Anyway I'll try to go to Australia but right now it ain't in the cards. You ever plan on visting America? I can show you about?
  4. Haha, yeah, learning French hehe
    I really want to come to europe...but money...and uni.
  5. What's with all the french? you learning it or somethin? You sir need to come to Europa. Come on! You know you want to!
  6. haha, mon amour! Salut! Ça va!?
    I haven't seen you in ages. Come to Australia already. Your time is running out.
  7. You just used decadence analysis, I am afraid fro your life. RUN RUN FAR AWAY FROM THE ICC.
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