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  1. Ta!
  2. Congratulations on your 12000th post
  3. Haha!
    Thanks Rosa, I'll try and join that now.
  4. As you will no doubt be able to see, there are several other comrades who prefer this way of doing philosophy; they have just set up a Post-Blah-Blah group.
  5. I think they keep quiet about it.

  6. Hm, ok, fair enough.
    It's strange, not many people on here seem to like continental philosophy..

    Thanks anyway
  7. I didn't say they weren't serious, I merely said I could not see why anyone should pay attention to what Derrida has to say.

    Wittgenstein avoids the sort of questions that seem to worry French 'philosophers' since he is not trying to do traditional philosophy -- even in a negative sort of way, either.
  8. Why you don't think that the issues he presents are serious issues.
    Why you think Wittgenstein avoids the problems Derrida presents.
  9. Why what?
  10. Yes, I gathered that from your posts, but can I ask why?
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