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  1. Someone Noticed! I thought it was a gem.

    I actually started listening to Warren Zevon on account of GG's cover of "Carmelita." That's GG's one genuinely good album.
  2. hahahaha, nice GG Allin quote.

    Although my favorite quote from him is still "my mind is a gun, my body is a bullet and the target is my audience."
  3. Getting married in a month, moving into a house, going to Hawaii after that... not much
  4. Hey Dean, what's up? What have you been up to lately?

    I'm just bored in Texas (where I now live), so I thought I'd say hi.
  5. Yeah, I did. It was a creative concept that was executed pretty well, I thought.

    I'll stop by to say hello if I'm ever in Richmond again.
  6. Did you enjoy the movie? Good to se you again. Remember, our door is always open

  7. Pure fucking evil.
  8. Nice meeting you, comrade. Like I said, our doors are always open
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