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Conversation Between Dean and Os Cangaceiros
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  1. Dean
    17th January 2011 21:51
    Someone Noticed! I thought it was a gem.

    I actually started listening to Warren Zevon on account of GG's cover of "Carmelita." That's GG's one genuinely good album.
  2. Os Cangaceiros
    17th January 2011 20:26
    Os Cangaceiros
    hahahaha, nice GG Allin quote.

    Although my favorite quote from him is still "my mind is a gun, my body is a bullet and the target is my audience."
  3. Dean
    13th April 2010 01:38
    Getting married in a month, moving into a house, going to Hawaii after that... not much
  4. Os Cangaceiros
    12th April 2010 23:39
    Os Cangaceiros
    Hey Dean, what's up? What have you been up to lately?

    I'm just bored in Texas (where I now live), so I thought I'd say hi.
  5. Os Cangaceiros
    21st December 2009 04:30
    Os Cangaceiros
    Yeah, I did. It was a creative concept that was executed pretty well, I thought.

    I'll stop by to say hello if I'm ever in Richmond again.
  6. Dean
    19th December 2009 16:23
    Did you enjoy the movie? Good to se you again. Remember, our door is always open
  7. Os Cangaceiros
    19th December 2009 04:13
    Os Cangaceiros

    Pure fucking evil.
  8. Dean
    28th September 2009 12:50
    Nice meeting you, comrade. Like I said, our doors are always open

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