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  1. The futility of nationalism, patriotism and the myth we call "the state"

    Ok, so I wrote this on another totally non-political forum as an introduction to some of my thoughts that had been gathering some attention (and mostly confusion). Thought I might put it here too seeing that I invested so much effort in it (I wrote this in the middle of the night at six hours fueled by inspiration), comment if you want to. I know that it contains alot of the stuff I have in my first blog-post, but live with it god-damn it!

    The lunacy which is "nation" ...
  2. Misconceptions about Marxism

    [FONT=Cambria]Misconceptions about Marxism[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri]I have finally grown tired of every alternative capitalist and anti-communist telling me how wrong communism, especially Marxism, is without having the slightest idea what communism is about in the first place. Ignorance is of course unavoidable as I cannot claim to know every aspect of Marxism myself, but from devout critics of some specific philosophies we should expect at least a basic understanding of the philosophy ...

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  3. Capitalism and reason

    First of all, this is going to be somewhat shorter than my other posts, so hold on there.

    Today, once again, I heard the "rational" defence for capitalism. It basically states that capitalism is the reasonable choice, that it is scientific and understandable through common sense. At the same time all left-wingers are usually portrayed as some overtly emotional utopians.

    Both views are, quite obviously, false. The left wing is clearly the most reasonable and ...
  4. ...Of individual and the collective

    [FONT=Verdana]Far too often I can hear the individualist rant against communism. They often express the concern for the individual freedom (whatever that is), and how social collectivism of communists would crush those freedoms. Sometimes it seems like these individualists feel some terrible fear for their ever-so-undefined freedoms. Such feelings seem reasonable at first, but in reality are quite misdirected.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana]If one fears the loss of one's freedoms, one should ...
  5. Bring us the six-hour workday!

    Bring us the six-hour workday!

    [FONT=Calibri]Yes, you probably read correctly, the headline does indeed mention six hours. If anyone was baffled or surprised by this proposal that quite clearly violates the norm which is eight hours, then it only serves to prove that there is need for this article. [/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri]Many people living in the western countries today take our standard 8-hour work day for granted. This goes
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