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  1. Open Network of Revolutionary Activists -- July 22 mtg - aggregated fragmentary notes

    Note for all readers (by Ben): I have given up on this RevLeft blog because the format is too
    restricted. I am putting together some ideas for a better blog (or system of interlocking blogs) that
    will use Wordpress. I am only posting these notes here because that is my agreement with the other
    comrades in our discussion group: the rotating secretary (ie: in this case, me) must post
    somewhere public within 24 hours (which means I am late).


    Updated 2nd August 2012 at 18:25 by Ben Seattle

  2. Political Resolution--I will make a post every morning

    Hi folks,

    In order to develop my ability to respond to current activity,
    I have made a resolution to make at least one post every morning.

    The post must be at least one sentence. It is ok if the post is crappy.

    Eventually (I figure) my posts well become less crappy.

    There is a lot I would like to write about. This morning, I will note
    two posts by Art Francisco, with these graphics (which I really like):
  3. Labor Aristocracy--Friend or Foe?

    A comment on Art's blog:

    Ben Seattle says:
    February 12, 2012

    Hi Art. I was being hasty yesterday when I told you I thought this was a
    weak article. It does have a weak point. But overall, it is a thoughtful
    and useful article. It is good for you to get experience writing and it
    is not helpful when someone (ie: me) looks at it and ...
  4. The Voice of our Master: Independent Mvmt and Mass Democracy is "too toxic to touch"

    (under construction)

    The Voice of our Master

    The Stranger "loses it cool" as Dominic Holden claims that
    an independent movement based on mass democracy
    is "too toxic to touch" and proves himself eager to make his career
    by assisting the counter-offensive of the ruling bourgeoisie
    against the Occupy Movement

    We can hurt "The Stranger" (and punish it for being
    a mouthpiece of the Democratic Party) ...

    Updated 16th January 2012 at 05:28 by Ben Seattle

  5. How we will create the organization we need

    Hi folks, I posted this to the blog of the BOC, as a comment
    on their pamphlet: OCCUPY to End CAPITALISM. -- Ben

    How we will create
    the organization we need

    I consider the Black Orchid Collective the most promising group
    in the city. Because the BOC has been so much on my mind these
    past few days, I found myself compelled, at last, to finish a
    more careful reading of this short pamphlet.

    My overall assessment is that the BOC ...

    Updated 22nd November 2011 at 15:32 by Ben Seattle

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