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No longer an ML

Posted 23rd January 2013 at 17:23 by bad ideas actualised by alcohol

Since I keep getting annoyed at people who think I am. I no longer identify as ML. To explain the situation I made a short educational video:

+ YouTube Video
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President Chvez is, reportedly, laughing and giving orders

Posted 22nd January 2013 at 03:35 by sixdollarchampagne (A Class in Rebellion)
Updated 28th March 2013 at 04:20 by sixdollarchampagne

I know that I have given President Chvez a hard time on, for a while now. I have to say, however, that my heart goes out to anyone who gets seriously ill, and for the Comandante to have to face cancer at the age of 58, is sad, over and above any political disagreements.

So I was interested to read, at that the Comandante is laughing and giving orders from the medical institute...
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India: Enormous reaction to the rape of a young female student

Posted 16th January 2013 at 16:50 by sixdollarchampagne (A Class in Rebellion)

[From the Fraccin Trotskista, Unofficial translation]

Enormous reaction to the rape of a young female student
Massive protests in India
Repercussions in Asia and throughout the world

By Isabel Infanta
Thursday, January 10, 2013

The news of a horrendous murder of a woman that occurred in New Delhi, the capital of India, overshadowed the end of 2012. The pain of a young female student, 23 years old, who was raped for more...
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[Nova Mundi] The natives of Ghellhonus

Posted 15th January 2013 at 10:29 by Ẋʼn
Updated 16th January 2013 at 03:13 by Ẋʼn

The natives of Ghellhonus

"Dear citizens of the world and the wider solar system,

I would like to address you on the magnificent and amazing discovery in the Alpha Centauri A system. Ever since our ancestors first looked up to the skies and gazed upon the cosmos, we have always wondered what lay beyond our own world. The discovery of extraterrestrial life on the planet of Ghellhonus is a significant discovery and it constitutes the most important scientific milestone
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Thoughts on the Vanguard Party

Posted 12th January 2013 at 22:16 by JPSartre12 (The Never-Ending Journey Leftward)
Updated 12th January 2013 at 22:56 by JPSartre12

Writing stream-of-consciousness entries to this blog is a helpful way for me to organize my thoughts, so I think that it would be helpful for me to complete another.

My thoughts on regards to the existence, role, and function of the vanguard party varied greatly over the past several years. My waning democratic socialist tendencies argue that have a labour party working inside of parliament on behalf of the working class can bring about reforms that will have immediate material improvements...
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