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Hate Speech and Library 2.0

Posted 30th December 2009 at 20:51 by JazzRemington (Jazz Remington's Holy Mountain)

The Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship had an article last year about hate speech and library 2.0. The article can be found Here.

Library 2.0 is, in short, the application of Web 2.0 technologies in libraries. It allows for users of libraries to generate content, such as tagging books to allow for richer representation of content, recommendations based on favorites lists, etc.

The article discusses how hate speech could be applied to such systems....
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Franz Kefka
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Research Aids

Posted 30th December 2009 at 17:26 by JazzRemington (Jazz Remington's Holy Mountain)

Below are some resources one can use for locating information on a few different topics. All of these sites are generally for Americans, except where noted.

Sociosite is a directory for sociology topics maintained by the University of Amsterdam. It includes links to sites from different parts of the world, and is available in different languages.
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Franz Kefka
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Thoughts on the State

Posted 28th December 2009 at 09:32 by JazzRemington (Jazz Remington's Holy Mountain)
Updated 28th December 2009 at 10:03 by JazzRemington

The State is a particular institution or structure that claims or is used to claim ultimate authority, or sovereignty, over a given area.

This definition acknowledges those moments in history where the ruling class literally was the State and those times when the State is structurally independent from them. For instance, in ancient Sumer or other land-based societies (feudalism, etc.), the powerful military dictators (the ruling class) who controlled vast territories were the ones...
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Franz Kefka
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What principles must guide the revolutionary movement?

Posted 28th December 2009 at 05:01 by Ben Seattle (I'm here to fight)
Updated 16th January 2010 at 22:35 by Ben Seattle

What are the decisive principles?

I have concluded that the revolutionary movement will not be restored by following great men. It will be restored by following great principles. These principles are much larger than us--but if we have humility we may be able to recognise the power of these principles and be part of learning how these principles can be applied to shake the world.

It is my intent with this discussion to explore the degree to which we can move toward a...
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Information theorist
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From discussion on strategy board (2)

Posted 25th December 2009 at 09:42 by redarmyleader

*Note about blog: This is the second of three post that I wrote to be posted in strategy board discussion. I have not yet posted, but will in the next day or so. In this post I am arguing against workerism and trade-union fetishism, which seems to be prevalent trend on site*

The second thing that I wanted to comment on was the strong response of people to do work and engage with workers. This is an important and essential thing to do. However, I hope people can understand the value...
Junior Revolutionary
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