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  1. JazzRemington's Avatar

    Information and ordinary language, pt. 5

    by , 17th December 2010 at 23:40 (Jazz Remington's Holy Mountain)
    Or, consider the following cases:

    1. In a reference session, the patron says "I'm looking for information on styles of dress in Europe during the early middle ages/late antiquity." The reference librarian might respond with one of the following:

    1.1.1 He/she might give you a series of books, articles, videos, etc., or a carefully prepared bibliography on the subject.

    1.1.2 He/she might ask for the kind of information sought.

  2. JazzRemington's Avatar

    Information and ordinary language, pt. 4

    by , 17th December 2010 at 21:23 (Jazz Remington's Holy Mountain)
    Information as (e.g.): 1) sense-making datum (i.e. making sense of the world around one's self), 2) any difference that makes a difference, 3) everything taken in via the senses.

    A. Information system (IS) designers don't really fret over what "information" means. For them, it's something of a place-holder term for the data or kind(s) of data being used by the system. On an IS model, "information" might be at the bottom of the model with an arrow pointing toward
  3. Ben Seattle's Avatar

    The Support Group for Independent Revolutionary Activists (and the Elephant in Room)

    The Support Group for
    Independent Revolutionary Activists
    (and the Elephant in the Room)

    It happened.

    Crawling, for years, through the a bramble of thorns too thick for sunlight to penetrate, I may have reached a clearing, I place where I can stand and do what I was put on this earth to do:


    Two nights ago, I met with two fellow activists. We agreed that independent activists need to meet on a regular basis to overcome our
  4. JazzRemington's Avatar

    Information and Ordinary Language, pt. 3

    by , 12th December 2010 at 07:25 (Jazz Remington's Holy Mountain)
    Suppose someone were to ask you for "information on the decline of the Roman empire" via a reference session. What would you first likely do? If you weren't sure as to the KIND or TYPE of information sought, you might ask a clarifying question (e.g. "what sort of information are you looking for?"). In this case, it would mean that the original question is either vague or senseless. It can't be senseless because you would have had to understand it to ask such a question as yours.
  5. La Comédie Noire's Avatar

    American Double Think

    Well I had the distinct misfortune of getting into a political argument on a non political board today. A board which isn't exactly congenital to my *ahem* leftist views.

    The thread was about wikileaks which naturally had it's share of blood thirsty patriots calling for Assange's head. That's when I came across this gem:

    I heard on the news this morning that Assange's rape allegations are far more complicated than first reported. A Judge in England is denying his bail.