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  1. Liberte ou la Mort's Avatar
    It's my body and I'll do what I like with it thank you very much. If I feel the urge to smoke , snort, sniff or inject any substance that I come across then it is my right as a human being.

    What am I doing here you might ask Allen from London? This is a free forum and I may come and go as I please.

    I find your want to control my state of being to be most unenlightened. You have had your chance to indulge in stimulants, why can't I have mine?

    When I finish work this evening I will indulge in a joint or two followed by a bottle of red wine. New Zealand produces some lovely Pinot Noir, not to mention some very fine cannabis. I will do this with a few of my friends sitting in my backyard with the smell of fresh flowers all about me.

    If this is a crime then I am guilty as charged.
  2. Dean's Avatar
    Is this a personal experience? I know the quote, the book was good.
  3. Dust Bunnies's Avatar
    This blog is very true.
  4. Dean's Avatar
    Drugs are great. The idea that we can escape a miserable existence is wonderful. But if you are really committed to revolutionary leftism, you should use them as sparinlyly as possible.

    I'm not trying to be moralistic or condescending. I use substance as a crutch daily. But I have no illusion about it - it is an addiction, though it is legal. And ultimately, those with addictions cede some of their autonomy. And in the case of our current society, that means that we are beholden to pharmaceuticals in a very direct way. That is scary.
  5. InvileMachina's Avatar
    Drugs in and of themselves are not bad. Just like anything, moderation is key.

    Don't get some idea that I waste away my life being constantly high. No.

    I hold down a 4.0, two jobs, ect. I'm young however, only 20, and I don't plan on having any regrets when I'm older.

    You could play it safe your whole life and randomly wind up getting torn in half by a semi.

    To suggest that just because one uses drugs on occasion that they are useless in causing change is a pretty bold and ignorant claim.

    I'm not sure if that's what you meant, however.
  6. allen-uk's Avatar
    Can't you see there is a direct and organic link between otherwise intelligent people wasting their lives pouring drugs or alcohol into their systems on the one hand, and capitalism marching ever onwards on the other?

    I've been there, done it. Wasted decades of my life living inside a bottle. I crawled out of it a few years ago, but I can't help regretting those wasted years when I could have been learning and teaching, and contributing to the people's cause.

    What are you DOING on a forum called RevLeft?

    Allen, London.
  7. Dean's Avatar
    It happens when you lose control of some of your mental faculties to the usage of ideology, drugs, or other entities. It's good to see another member who recognizes that pleasure and hedonism are not virtues in themselves!
  8. icepick's Avatar
    sugar? caffeine? nicotine?