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[NOVA MUNDI] Platform of the NeoSocialist International

Posted 27th March 2012 at 05:26 by Ẋʼn

[Author's Note: This is a fluff piece for my Nova Mundi project (check it out if you can!), basically filling out the universe and giving it a bit more background. I posted this here in the hope of getting feedback]


On the 22nd March 2071 the following Platform of the NeoSocialist International was affirmed via the signatures of all the attending delegates from across the Solar system, and is to be considered binding for all subsequent signatories:


Despite the historically recent rise to prominence of allegedly "post-capitalist" economies borne out of Technocratic and/or Transhumanist ideologies, Capitalism still divides people into proletariat and bourgeoisie. Political Marxism, as opposed to the ivory-tower Marxism of academia, seeks to permanently efface this division from global society. The NeoSocialist International will agitate for class struggle wherever and whenever possible.


At the time of writing capitalism is on the retreat, but ultimate victory for the oppressed classes is still far from certain. The NeoSocialist International will undertake every action within its power to bring the final demise of capitalism that much closer.


The NeoSocialist International upholds a revolutionary approach to sociopolitical change. The fecund corrupture of "representative democracy" is a matter of historical record. Cultivating the material conditions required to foster widespread revolutionary sentiment remains a primary political goal.


With the increasing colonisation of the Solar system, the importance of solidarity across political borders remains absolutely essential to the core of NeoSocialism and the NeoSocialist International. On other planets, settlements with a capitalist mode of production provide fertile grounds for the flowering of interplanetary NeoSocialism.


The NeoSocialist International stands with oppressed peoples everywhere, no matter their phenotype. None are free if but one is in chains.
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